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Comment: Re:Maybe they will move to court instead? (Score 1) 137

Was the year 2003 specifically mentioned or did you just pull that out of your a... hat?

Last I checked, there have been 3 new versions of Windows since 2001: Vista, 7, and 8. If you choose not to use them, that's not Microsoft breaking the contract...

Comment: Re:Gamers are dead. (Score 1) 239

by VGPowerlord (#49570505) Attached to: Valve Pulls the Plug On Paid Mods For Skyrim

And, of course, streaming and "let's plays." Why are people sitting around watching OTHER PEOPLE play games that they themselves could be playing? But they do!

I didn't understand this around 7-8 years ago when I posted a video of the opening of a game just for the music content.

A person asked me if I'd post videos of me playing the game. I declined thinking no one would ever want to watch that sort of thing. Keep in mind, this is from back before "Lets Play" was even a term.

I look back at popular "Lets Play"ers now and think "that could have been me!"

Comment: Re:Warrant after probable cause established? (Score 1) 270

by VGPowerlord (#49494863) Attached to: FBI Accuses Researcher of Hacking Plane, Seizes Equipment

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures...

A security researcher who studies airplane security saying that he plans on hacking the airplane security while he's physically on said airplane.

How is taking his electronic devices "unreasonable" in this instance, particularly when you're waiting for a warrant to be issued?

Comment: Re:My kingdom for an easy software reinstall tool. (Score 1) 172

by VGPowerlord (#49472517) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Kernel Released

sudo dpkg -i

lists all installed packages on Debian-based distributions. sudo is there because it requires superuser privileges to use.

I should probably mention that there's also the "aptitude" package that can be run from the command-line to show a menu-based system for viewing and installing packages on Debian based systems, including searching for packages.

Among other things, it has options for showing you currently Installed packages and Searching for new packages.

Comment: Re:Anyone remember... (Score 2) 153

Anyone remember the good old days when we were playing Doom and Monkey Island? 'Cause I don't. Wish there was a possibility to replay those classic originals in a legal way.

I'm assuming this is sarcasm since both of these games are still available for sale on sites like GOG and Steam.

Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition is a remake, but the remake is frame-per-frame compatible with the original. You can switch between the original graphics/UI and the new graphics/UI at the press of a button (F11 for the PC version I think).

For DOOM, not only can you buy it independently on Steam, but buying DOOM 3 BFG Edition also includes both Doom 1 and 2, plus the new Doom 2 campaign released in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

Comment: Re:Lies, bullshit, and more lies ... (Score 1) 442

Similarly if companies hire H1-B workers they lay off fewer domestic workers.

This is a huge duh.

Say family A has 5 cats and 2 dogs.
Say family B has 2 cats and 5 dogs.

Each family can only keep 2 pets.

Which family gets rid of more cats, the one with 5 cats or the one with 2 cats?

Now replace "family" with "company", "cats" with "domestic workers", and "dogs" with "H1-B workers"

Which company gets rid of more domestic workers, the one with 5 domestic workers or the one with 2 domestic workers?

Comment: Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 249

by VGPowerlord (#49397859) Attached to: Sony Buys, Shuts Down OnLive

And yet by your own admission, DX9 is not the minimum requirement for all games. Therefore if you want to play a game for which you don't match the minimum requirement... Go on, guess what I'm going to say next! That's right, you could use a service like OnLive!

DirectX 9 is antiquated technology at this point. It was released 12 years ago. Even DX10 (Windows Vista and newer) is 8 years old at this point and DX11 (Windows 7 and newer) is 4.5 years old.

Unless you're stuck on Windows XP, chances are you have a system that supports DirectX 11.

Incidentally, relatively few new games use DX9 any more. XP's death finally removed the restriction.

Comment: Re:Good. +1 for Google. (Score 2) 176

by VGPowerlord (#49391269) Attached to: Chinese Certificate Authority CNNIC Is Dropped From Google Products

I was under the impression that the CA only gets used for verification *if* the site's cert claims to be from that CA.

How often do you stop and look at which CA signed the certificate for the HTTPS site you're using?

As long as the certificate is signed by a CA certificate the browser has in its CA store, the browser won't show any warnings. Browser makers are also notoriously bad at checking if certificates are on Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs), of which each CA has (at least?) one.

Comment: Re:Nintendo "Corporate Social Responsibility": (Score 1) 100

by VGPowerlord (#49385833) Attached to: Mario 64 Remake Receives a DMCA Complaint From Nintendo

In the 1980s they sued game developers who made their own game cartridges for the NES without paying for Nintendo for their "IP" to manufacture the cartridge.

Are you attempting to revise history?

The court case in question is Atari Games Corp v. Nintendo of America, Inc,.

In this court case, Atari and their subsidiary Tengen were found guilty of copyright infringement after using false pretenses to obtain the code Nintendo used to lockout clone cartridges from the copyright office.

Comment: Re:Check their work or check the summary? (Score 1) 486

by VGPowerlord (#49336895) Attached to: No, It's Not Always Quicker To Do Things In Memory

Java performance numbers did not change when the concatenation order was reversed in the code in Appendix 1. However, using a mutable data type such as StringBuilder or StringBuffer dramatically improved the results.

What's worse is that there are warnings all over the 'net to not use string concatenation in a loop in Java. So, despite these warnings, they did that anyway and tout incorrect assumptions based on their faulty testing.

That's without even considering the other flaw you pointed out (not flushing after each write).

The decision doesn't have to be logical; it was unanimous.