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+ - Social network Facegloria bans swearing, gay content, and sin->

Mark Wilson writes: Need a social network to connect with friends and likeminded individuals? Take your pick; there are dozens to choose from. Facebook remains by far the most popular and, as it is used by real people, it is filled with everything that makes up life — the good and the bad. In response, a group of Evangelical Christians in Brazil set up Facegloria with the aim of becoming "morally and technically better than Facebook".

Actually the real aim of the site is to promote Christianity — to the extent that rather than a Like button, there is an Amen button. Think "godbook", if you will. Of course there are restrictions — religion isn’t meant to be fun, you know. On the list of banned content is violence and pornography, swearing (there are literally hundreds of banned words), anything that violates "biblical principles", and depicting or referring to homosexual activity.

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Comment: Re:Spending cuts one way or another (Score 1) 382 382

You know and I know that "Robbing Paul to pay Peter" is not sustainable; the problem is most people will whine about the short-term excuse "But think of the children! and are too stupid to focus on long term stability at the expense of greed.

This whole situation is similar to how banning forest fires ironically and paradoxically led to an increase in fires.


I like your journal entry where you go over the USA Budget 2013 numbers ...


1. The total tax revenues for USA Federal government are 2.46 Trillion USD.
2. The total expenses for USA Federal government are 3.8 Trillion USD.
3. The interest payment on the outstanding public debt that is on the books is at least 360 Billion USD for the year based on the interest rate (which is manipulated by Federal reserve and other banks, but that's a separate subject matter).
4. Social Security benefit payouts are budgeted as 882.7 Billion USD.
5. Medicare for the year is budgeted at 523 Billion USD.
6. Medicaid for the year is budgeted at 283 Billion USD.
7. Other mandatory programs for the year is budgeted at 654 Billion USD.
8. War will cost 525.4 Billion USD.

So the total revenues are 2.46 Trillion USD, total expenses are 3.8 Trillion USD, the interes payment is 360 Billion USD.

Agreed, that the US doesn't have a saving problem, it has a spending problem.

The US is fucked. :-( It is not a matter of if but when.

Comment: Re:Been standing for years... (Score 1) 314 314

> 3. You'll find yourself sitting way too often and never get adjusted to standing all day.

Disagree on #3. This isn't the same as quitting an addiction where you go cold-turkey.

HEALTH WARNING: If your body isn't used to the change in extended posture you'll simply end up hurting yourself until you become accustomed to it. If you go the gym you don't just pick up 100 lbs of weights, you ease into. The trick is be gradual and persistent.

Also, for some tasks I just can't stand 100% time. A extended standing chair lets you transition from sitting 100% all the time to standing most of the time.

If your co-workers are sitting more then standing then they aren't disciplined enough to be (and stay) healthy. The world's best environment and ergonomics won't help someone not disciplined and interested in their health.

+ - UK Student's Dissertation Redacted Thanks to Wassenaar Rules

Trailrunner7 writes: U.S.-based security researchers may soon be championing the case of Grant Wilcox, a young U.K. university student whose work is one of the few publicly reported casualties of the Wassenaar Arrangement.

Wilcox last week published his university dissertation, presented earlier this spring for an ethical hacking degree at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle, England. The work expands on existing bypasses for Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), free software that includes a dozen mitigations against memory-based exploits. Microsoft has on more than one occasion recommended use of EMET as a temporary stopgap against publicly available zero-day exploits.

Wilcox’s published dissertation, however, is missing several pages that describe proof-of-concept exploits, including one that completely bypasses a current EMET 5.1 installation running on a fully patched Windows computer. He said last Wednesday in a blogpost that the missing pages and redactions within the text happened partly because of the Wassenaar Arrangement.

“Whilst it has impacted the release of my research it has not impacted my passion and I plan to continue researching such material as and when I feel like, though in an ideal world I would like clearer instructions so I can figure out how to do this appropriately (of which there seems to be some confusion),” Wilcox said in an email to Threatpost.

+ - MInecraft For Windows 10 Beta Release July 29th-> 1 1

westlake writes: At Minecon 2015, Microsoft announced that Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta will be available for download in the Windows 10 Store beginning July 29, the same day Windows 10 is released.
Players who already have the PC edition of Minecraft will be able to download the Windows 10 beta version for free. Others can download Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition at a discounted price of $10 throughout the beta period.
Players who download Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition during the beta phase will still have the game when it comes out of beta, and receive all future updates to the game at no additional cost.

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