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Comment Re:Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 1) 184

Oh please, enough rhetoric already.

Why don't you actually educate yourself

US has negotiated in secret with 600 private corporations. Only 5 chapters are about trade, the rest aren't. Public companies suing counties over public health measures? Gee, what could go wrong!?

This country was founded upon no taxation without representation -- meaning an _open_ government.

Governments and business who negotiate in secret are cowards. Chances are they have self-interests that don't serve the public good.

/sarcasm I only we could read ALL of it so we ALL can collectively decide if this is good for the nation or not. Yet this politicians just want everyone to lube up and take it with empty promises of "Trust us." Gee, where have we heard THAT before.

Comment Re:Dead on Arrival (Score 1) 172

That indeed is the elephant in the room:

* Nausea

There is a HUGE disconnect between with what your eyes are telling your brain and what your ears are. Your brain is getting mixed messages. We've been able to somewhat "get over" it in 2D monitors because of lack of immersion. I've been gaming since the early 80's and *never* get motion sickness. I do with VR. :-/ A certain percentage of the population gets sick on boats. That's not a great "strength" for VR.

I think it is way too early to write VR off. (I tend to as well but I also want to wait-and-see.) There are some fantastic *niche* markets.

Want to get over your fear of heights? Parachuting? Sky diving? Take a VR course! :-)

Apparently Tim Sweeney is betting the farm on VR

We'll probably see more hologram phone hacks like this in the meantime which is WAY more accessible.

Comment Re:Thaty's the wat to do it ... (Score 1) 256

Exactly. That or melted cheese. :-)

* Broccoli + Cheddar
* Cauliflower + Swiss
* Spinach + Mozzarella
* Asparagus + Parmesan

Won't work if the kid is lactose intolerant obviously ,,, just like this "finding".

Probably easier to give the kid natural consequences. "Eat your veggies and you get pie"

Just need the right motivation ! :-)

Comment Re: there is no conflict between science and relig (Score 0) 268

Science is completely deficient regardless of which semantic games you want to play.

As a mystic I find your stance on evolution to be highly ignorant. Parent's, especially mothers, have an innate ability to love their offspring. This has *nothing* to do with evolution although you can keep trying to pretend it does.

Science teaches The Iron Rule (Might Makes Right) which has long been the status quo.

Religion teaches The Golden Rule (Love *is* the highest principle)

> Science doesn't tell us, but it sure explains it.

No it doesn't. It will tell you how to build a bomb, but not whether you should use it or not. Trying to distill morality (who lives and who dies) down to a numbers game is inhumane.

> Individuals who do not commit murder, torture and other disruptive actions have a greater chance of survival and their offspring surviving.

Gee, if only the governments would get the message.

Comment Re:Ada had this in 1995 (Score 1) 262

If you "Ignore the messenger because you don't like the message" you'll miss out on a lot of great wisdom. You'll find the following links to be a lot more palatable.

Mike Acton reviewed Ogre 1.9's OrgreNode.cpp pointing out its horrible design and performance.

As a result Orge 2.x game up with a gameplan -- they put together a PDF of how OOP screwed their performance over.

Turns out, Mike Acton was right. They ended up with a 5x performance increase by ditching OOP and using DOD.

Submission Ask Slashdot: Advanced KVM switch?

jez9999 writes: I have a rather advanced use-case for my home work area that I need a KVM-type device for, and I was wondering whether such a thing even existed. I want a 3-PC setup; 2 desktops (PC1 and PC2) and 1 laptop going through a dock (DOCK1). I want to connect 2 monitors (SCREEN1 and SCREEN2), 1 mouse, and 1 keyboard (INPUTS). So far it's relatively straightforward, as I could just switch everything between the 3 devices.

But here's the kicker; I'd like at least 4 modes of operation: one mode to output PC1 video to both screens (dual-screen) and redirect INPUTS to it, one mode to output PC2 video to both screens (dual-screen) and redirect INPUTS to it, one mode to output PC1 video to SCREEN1, extend DOCK1 video to SCREEN2, and redirect INPUTS to DOCK1, and one mode to output PC1 video to SCREEN1, extend DOCK1 video to SCREEN2, and redirect INPUTS to PC1.

Basically with the latter two modes I'd like to be able to switch between inputting to PC1 & DOCK1, whilst continuing to be able to monitor each by outputting each one's video to one of the 2 monitors. However, I also want to be able to go dual-screen with and control PC1 & PC2.

In terms of ports I'd like to use HDMI (or possibly DVI-D) and USB for peripherals; not VGA or PS/2.

Is there any KVM switch out there able to do this kind of thing? I guess I'm probably looking for some kind of programmable KVM which allows me to specify, for each "mode of operation", which inputs are routed to which outputs. Failing that, is there some other way I can get the setup I want (or something close)?

Submission Edge Can Give Microsoft The Edge On Phones->

GeneralSecretary writes: Microsoft has pushed out its now Edge browser to replace the much-reviled Internet Explorer. Edge removed a lot of the legacy code of IE and the need to maintain backwards compatibility with it. It is a much more modern browser, implementing much more of HTML 5, ES6, and CSS 3 specs. Microsoft also intends to push out automatic updates frequently. Considering the large install base of Windows, this gives Microsoft a much stronger ability to influence the Web. This article discusses the idea of Microsoft using that influence to make Web Apps take over from Native Apps on mobile, this giving Windows Phone a fighting chance against iOS and Android.
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Submission A cold spot in the Atlantic has scientists seriously freaked out ->

Kristine Lofgren writes: While the rest of the planet is suffering through an astoundingly hot year so far, one increasingly cold spot in the northern Atlantic has some scientists thinking that one of their worst fears about climate change is coming true. Research by the NOAA shows that this chilly spot means that currents in the area may be slowing down, allowing cold water to sink and warmer water to move in. If that is what is happening, and it looks like it is, it could mean that the current ocean currents could go haywire, and we all know how important the ocean is for regulating temperatures on land, right?
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Submission Oculus' Michael Abrash explains what it'll take for VR to feel real->

redletterdave writes: At Oculusâ(TM) annual developer conference on Thursday, Oculus' chief scientist Michael Abrash took the stage to offer a few anecdotes and a ton of information about the current state of virtual reality, and where it needs to go in order to be truly great. Getting to the next level of virtual reality, Abrash said, will require coordinated advances in several different technologies. Specifically, Abrash believes the future of virtual reality will be built on three pillars: driving the human perceptual system, sensing and reconstructing reality, and interaction.
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