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Comment: Re:Jurors (Score 1) 303

That would be interesting to get some "real data" on who is informed about the law.

Babb won't explicitly say he's there for the Silk Road trial. He's cagey because jury nullification activists have a history of being sent to jail for jury tampering. Perhaps the most famous case came in 2011, when an 80-year-old retired chemistry professor named Julien Heicklin was jailed for standing outside a Manhattan court where he distributed jury nullification pamphlets.

Heicklin, whom Babb calls his personal hero, was eventually acquitted, with the judge remarking that it's only jury tampering if someone tries "to influence a juror's decision through a written communication 'made in relation to a specific case pending before that juror.' "

Comment: Re:Poor Alan Kay (Score 4, Interesting) 143

by UnknownSoldier (#48896073) Attached to: Bjarne Stroustrup Awarded 2015 Dahl-Nygaard Prize

> But that doesn't mean it is a bad language.

It is when programmers blindly use OOP as a Silver Bullet (TM) and then wonder WTF they run into all sorts of performance problems ...

"Pitfalls of Object Oriented Programming"

I'm sorry but the C++ committee has their head up their @$$es for *practical* matters:

* Standardized Name Mangling?
* Standardized ABI so compiler A can call code compiled with compiler B
* Standardized error messages
* Standardized pragmas to enable/disable warnings for unused variables
* Standardized forced inline, never inilne
* A consistent grammar between forward declarations and function definitions to make it easier to copy/paste

void foo(); // semi-colon required
void foo(); // semi-colon is error

* Multi-column debugging instead of the archaic line debugging

foo(); bar(); qaz(); // try setting a breakpoint on bar .. most debuggers only support line debugging?!

Gee, who would ever want that!

Yeah, lets ignore real world issues for the past 20 years and keep adding CRAP onto the language ...

"A Proposal to Add 2D Graphics Rendering and Display to C++"

For high performance games, most of the C++ features are *ignored*

"CppCon 2014: Nicolas Fleury "C++ in Huge AAA Games"

+ - RIP, pioneering computer animation company PDI->

Submitted by harrymcc
harrymcc (1641347) writes "After a string of flops, DreamWorks Animation is shuttering its PDI/DreamWorks studio. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, PDI, along with Pixar, made short cartoons that were part demo, part entertainment--and helped pave the way for today's computer-animated features. Over at Fast Company, I assembled a mini-festival of the company's vintage work, originally seen at venues such as SIGGRAPH."
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Comment: Re: StartsWithABang (Score 1) 76

by UnknownSoldier (#48889259) Attached to: The Camera That Changed the Universe

Gee, why did Feynman call it "Cargo Cult Science"

Or Max Planck say "Science advances one funeral at a time."

I'm not delusional about:

"You can take the People out of Politics,
But you can't take the Politics out of People

But then you if had read "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" you wouldn't have this fallacy that the progress of science is linear.

Comment: Re:What is a cuda core? (Score 1) 111

A CUDA core is basically an active hardware thread [pool.]

For example my GTX Titan has 2,688 CUDA Cores.

This number is derived from:

Streaming Multiprocessors: 14
  * 192 Cores/SM
2,688 Cores

In practice that means you have 2,688 threads doing "real work" at any one time.

See this SO question/answer

+ - Should Disney Require its Employees to Be Vaccinated? 1

Submitted by (3830033) writes "According to Joanna Rothkopf Disneyland is already a huge petri dish of disease with tired children wiping their snot faces on Goofy and then riding log flumes through mechanized rivers filled with the backwash of thousands of other sweaty, unwashed, weeping toddlers. Now John Tozzi reports at Businessweek that five workers at Disneyland have been diagnosed with measles in an outbreak that California officials trace to visitors at the theme park in mid-December. The measles outbreak is a publicity nightmare for Disney and the company is urging its 27,000 workers at the park to verify that they're inoculated against the virus, and the company is offering tests and shots on site for workers who are unvaccinated. One thing Disney won't do, however, is require workers to get routine vaccinations as a condition of employment. Almost no companies outside the health-care industry do. "To make things mandatory just raises a lot of legal concerns and legal issues," says Rob Niccolini. Disney has been working with public health officials, and Disney has already put some employees on paid leave until medically cleared. "They recognized that they were just a meeting place for measles," says Gilberto Chávez. "And they are quite concerned about doing what they can to help control the outbreak.""

+ - The camera that changed the Universe

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "As the Hubble Space Telescope gets set to celebrate the 25th anniversary of opening its eyes to the Universe, it's important to realize that the first four years of operations were kind of a disaster. It wasn't until they corrected the flawed primary mirror and installed an upgraded camera — the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) — that the Universe truly came into focus. From 1993 to 2009, this workhorse camera literally changed our view of the Universe, and we're pushing even past those limits today."

Comment: Re:instant disqualification (Score 1) 629

by UnknownSoldier (#48867703) Attached to: Justified: Visual Basic Over Python For an Intro To Programming

Ack, 'struct' should obviously be 'enum':

enum Flavor
    FLAVOR_VANILLA /*...*/ = (1 << 1),
    FLAVOR_CHOCOLATE /*.*/ = (1 << 2),
    FLAVOR_COFFEE /*....*/ = (1 << 3),
    FLAVOR_STRAWBERRY /**/ = (1 << 4)

Ignore the /* ... */ comments since /. formatting is broken.

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