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if hamas had tanks and were strapping women and children to the front of them, would you still consider it a warcrime for israel to shoot the tanks? it's hyperbole, but i'm pretty sure it's analagous in the right ways.

Was Israel using "human shields" by having uniformed, active duty soldiers using buses for transportation? You know, the buses hit by suicide bombers....or does the "human shields" line only apply to brown people of certain religions?

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Projection much? Should the Israelis give up any and all human rights before the recognize the right of the Palestinians to exist? You're also flatly ignoring the fact that Arabs living in the West Bank are living under a system of Apartheid, which denies them the right to travel or vote, whether or not they accept the legitimacy of European immigrants taking their land by force.

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So your solution is that the Israelis roll over and succumb to Hamas rocket fire and tunnel attacks instead?

No, the solution is to not repeat Bibi's Bullshit Propaganda that is debunked if you bother to check with Israeli officials or media. Not only had Hamas faithfully held to the cease fire since 2012 - despite constant IDF attacks - it was arresting those who had.

because Hamas was also attacking Egyptian soldiers in support of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood's violent resistance to it's overthrow

So now Hamas are also bad people for resisting a violent coup to overthrow an elected government and the resulting, brutal junta? Gotcha.

Gazans have made enemies with both their neighbours with persistent violent action and that's led to their isolation

You left out the Short Skirt while explaining how they were Asking For It. Do you have any posts that aren't sagely repeating western propaganda as if it were fact?

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Checkpoints. Well, once upon a time there were no checkpoints and people were free to move about. Then the Arabs started taking advantage of this freedom to enter Israeli cities with explosive belts and blow up buses. Hence the checkpoints.

Lets see...first, you're ignoring the Israeli violence that precipitated the bus bombings. Secondly, uniformed Israeli soldiers used those buses for transportation. Using Israeli reasoning, that makes the buses valid military targets (since the IDF bombs anything they claim has anything to do with Hamas) and the Israeli government a bunch of soulless terrorists for using the bus passengers as "human shields".

Sea/air ports. All was open and free until Hamas started firing rockets at Israel and importing weapons from Iran.

Lets see...that's a lie. Even Israeli official will tell you that Hamas had, unlike Israel, been observing a cease fire prior to IDF dropping bombs on Gaza. Not only that, Hamas was arresting those who were firing rockets.

Continued occupation of their land. Sorry to inform you, but there has never been such a thing as "Palestinian Land"

Sorry to inform you, but that's a pile of racist bullshit. Just because the people of Palestine didn't have a flag doesn't mean there hasn't been a place called Palestine or a Palestinian people.

The Arab cities in the West Bank are under their own civil control, no one is confiscating land from Nablus.

Other than the constant land confiscations for "parks" or "building code violations", to make way for taxpayer-funded apartments for squatters. Oh, and there's that little system of Apartheid, of course: no right to vote, no right to travel on "Jewish roads", no right to intermarry, and so on.

In recent centuries the land (which the Romans named Palestine as a propaganda tactic - perhaps the most successful in history) was under Turkish rule, British mandatory rule, Jordanian and Egyptian military occupation, and today Israeli occupation in the West Bank.

So if the Romans, the Turks, the British or the Egyptians had wiped out the "continuing Jewish presence" in the area, you would have been okay with that because said Jews were under the thumb of another empire and had no flag of their own? Do you guys think through these talking points at all before regurgitating them?

Hamas rules over 100% of Gaza, and Israel isn't occupying or confiscating any of that

Israel utterly dominates the borders of Gaza, travel to and from Gaza, and what goes into or out of Gaza. Remember when they murdered Americans and Turks for bringing the well known terrorist weapons of food, medicine and shoes to the people living in Gaza? Guess what, Slick, that makes it an occupation.

Perhaps you should ask your leaders why, when Israel repeatedly offered to withdraw from almost the entire West Bank in exchange for peace, they refused, launching more and more horrific terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens.

Big Lies, again. All of Israel's territory grabs in the West Bank and Jerusalem are illegal and always have been. All of them. Despite that, Palestinians were willing to make massive concessions in return for their own state and and end to Apartheid. Israel kept moving the goalposts and taking all the water, though.

Perhaps you should also ask your leaders why, in 1967, when there was no Israeli occupation at all, they attacked Israel rather than live in peace alongside it?

A bigger and more pathetic liar. Israel started the 1967 war with a sneak attack on the Egyptian Air Force. Their excuse was - after their claims that they were the ones who were attacked first fell apart - that it was to stop the Egyptian blockade of the Straits of Tiran. But guess, what, Slick: by Israeli reasoning that means that any and all attacks in response to the blockade of Gaza are justified.

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The reason they haven't done it is simple; it's not their stated goal and it never has been.

Other than the frequent calls from high-level Israeli officials for a Final Solution for the Palestinian "problem", of course. No, the only reason they haven't killed every Palestinian who refuses to get off Palestinian land for the benefit of the Zionist project is the fact that even Israel's sugar daddy, the United States, would have to respond with force.

That's not islamophobia; it's history.

It's not antisemitism, it's Zionist entitlement for land that hasn't been theirs for thousands of years.

On the other hand, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood etc have jihad and extermination of the Jews in their charter.

That talking point has been making the rounds, lately. The problem with a big lie, though, is that repeating it doesn't make it true, it just makes you a bigger and more pathetic liar.

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It's amazing how Hamas is responsible for where every unguided gunpowder rocket lands (even if they're arresting the people that actually fire them), but Israel has no responsibility for where their precise munitions land. Sure, they can hit a dime on the ground two kilometers away, but it's just too much to expect them not to hit schools and hospitals, sometimes multiple times!

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You might remember that the author is affectionately referred to as Charles Kraphammer for a reason. Israel "negotiated" a cease fire with Egypt, who, as you know, they aren't at war with. It's like your neighbor coming across your property line to beat the shit out of you, and then making an agreement to stop beating the shit out of you with your other neighbor across the street. Oh, and then demanding that you give up almost half your remaining property for a buffer zone in response to a conflict he started.

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Hamas hadn't fired any rockets since 2012, prior to being struck multiple times by Israel. That's not according to Hamas, but Israeli officials. What was Hamas doing? Arresting groups that did.

And all this in a rampage through Gaza for kidnappings in the West Bank when Israeli authorities knew pretty damned well that the kids were already dead, between the shots heard over a cell phone call to the car being found full of blood and bodies.

You're just another imperialist blaming the victims of imperialism.

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Religion only figures into it as far as it being the justification for a bunch of immigrants from Europe and the U.S. moving to another continent and laying claim to all of the land in a certain territory from people of another faith.

Religion is no more central to this conflict than was Manifest Destiny or South African Apartheid.

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What part of "there is no place in Gaza away from civilians" did you not understand?

Your writing indicates that you have an extremely warped view of morality.

You are extremely warped in projecting, hypocrisy, and morality. You would never say that the 911 attacks were justified because there were government offices in the WTC. Unless you do, in which case you are merely warped and amoral, instead of a warped amoral hypocrite.

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Orchestrated and systemic Israeli propaganda. None of the violence committed by squatters or the IDF allows Palestinians to try and level entire regions of Israel, but the IDF is entitled to "mow the lawn" in Gaza, even if Hamas was busy arresting groups trying to fire rockets.

Comment: Not hanging out at the Klan Lobotomy Clinic? (Score 1) 496

I thought you had started keeping your company to those too stupid and racist to see that your eliminationist propaganda falls apart at the merest scrutiny.

You seem to be arguing that Hamas can attack as much as it likes

Hey, racist fool, you're responding to a post that debunked the propaganda point you're trying to use. Not only were those rockets not fired by Hamas, but Hamas were the ones who arrested those who did.

It doesn't matter which faction did the firing, Hamas is the governing authority of Gaza, they are responsible.

Hey, racist fool, does that mean that Tel Aviv should be leveled in the same way as Gaza, because of murders committed by squatters in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and everywhere by the IDF? As the occupying power, Israel would be responsible.

Your argument about scaling Palestinian Arab deaths is nonsense. Who are the "Palestinians"? They are simply the Arabs that live in that area of the Middle East. The Middle East has well over 100,000,000 Arabs living in it. There is no scaling required to count deaths among the Arabs.

Hey, racist fool, by your own reasoning any violence against Jews in the Middle East doesn't count, because far more Jews live in the United States. Which racist, genocidal flag flies over you house, cold fjord?

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The storyline put forth goes like so: this all started when Hamas kidnapped three teenagers and then killed them in June. Israel launched a search and rescue mission, and Hamas responded by firing rockets.

But it's all bullshit. The month before the teens were kidnapped, the IDF straight up murdered two Palestinian boys in the street. And the month before that Israel tried to provoke Hamas by murdering one of its members the same night that Hamas and Fatah announced a unity agreement. The day before the kidnapping, Israel murdered a member of Hamas they accused of planning rocket attacks. Despite Israel's repeated violations of it's own cease fire agreement with Hamas, the latter did not respond in kind. Finally, not only had Hamas not fired any rockets since the last time Israel violated a cease fire in 2012, it had helped arrest those who had.

But Bibi found the excuse he needed with the kidnappings of the three teenagers. Despite being pretty damned sure they were all dead - you can hear gunshots over one of the teens cell phones and the car was soon found full of blood and bullet casings - they spent weeks arresting Palestinians and bulldozing homes in Gaza for a kidnapping in the West Bank even after the Palestinian Authority was helping search for the missing teens. And even Israeli outlets admit that rockets were only fired in response to IDF attacks:

At least 16 rockets were fired at Israel Monday morning, most of them hitting open areas in the Eshkol region, the army said. The security sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, assessed that Hamas had probably launched the barrage in revenge for an Israeli airstrike several hours earlier which killed one person and injured three more.

Since then, a thousand Palestinians have died, many of them children, for which the population equivalent would be over 200,000 people getting killed in the U.S. If anyone is defending themselves, it's Hamas defending the people of Gaza from racist Israeli provocation and aggression.

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They are perfectly capable of leveling Gaza and frankly have more than enough reason to do so.

Thank you for your honest in calling for a Final Solution instead of hedging around your desired goal. The only difference from you and a real life Nazi shitbag is your choice of targets, but at least you are up front about your racist thirst for genocide.

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