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Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 206

Tell that to the average Apple fan who when you tell them that an iPhone lacks the ability to do X, Y, Z, they respond "just jailbrake it man".

Does the average Fandroid have more or less self-awareness on this topic, after rooting his Android device to disable carrier locks and remove bloatware?

Comment Re:Never understand jailbreaking an Apple iOS devi (Score 1) 206

I simply don't understand jailbreaking an iPhone.

Adding the option to turn on and off cellular data alone is worth the price of admission to battery misers. Speaking of batteries, you can install a tweak that will disable the alerts that start locking your screen at 20% until you click "ok".

Other bennies: being able to scp files to your phone, use your phone for tethering without paying the carrier extortion fee, and mute camera noises.

Comment Re:Never understand jailbreaking an Apple iOS devi (Score 1) 206

iPhone 4 devices were sold until September 2013 and can't be updated to iOS 8, which was released in September 2014.

Which was four years after its release, if you're picking the cherries half full.

both were, admittedly, bough near the release of the next model

Products purchased at the end of their life cycle, when they are discounted to be free-with-contract, have a shorter period of support than the current model? Zounds.

Comment Re:Yes? And? (Score 1) 264

Their entire system of government is designed to set up a relatively reasonable set of rules.

There's nothing reasonable about using Star Chamber's or holding suspects incommunicado. Sweden might have hippy health care, and they might not execute prisoners, but their justice system is otherwise straight out of the middle ages. They will detain you and deny outside contact, even to speak to a lawyer.

Comment Re:Yes? And? (Score 1) 264

Swedish legal procedures have been discussed here often enough that I have to assume you are engaging in wilful distortion.

Yes, they have, but that wont stop you from repeating the same debunked Zombie Lies.

Swedish prosecutors have interviewed other suspects abroad without first dragging them back to Sweden, and they could promise at any time that Assange wont be handed over to the United States. They have refused to do so, which means this is not about any alleged rape.

So, on this wilful[sic] distortion, are you using a cannon or a howitzer for your projection?

Comment anti-Assange canard #837 (Score 1) 264

His claims that if he went to Sweden they'd send him to the US. Ummmm, really? Because if there were a nation I would be worried about handing me off to the US clandestinely, it would be the UK.

The UK has rules against deporting people to regimes that practice torture and the death penalty. Regimes like....the United States. Just ask Chelsey Manning, who was subjected to torture for a year and a half before being dragged into a kangaroo court. If this were a black bag operation with plausible deniability, MI-5 would hand him over without a heartbeat - but for a well known dissident in the middle of the country, not so much.

Whereas Sweden participated in the kidnapping of two men, to send them off to be tortured. The Sweden that pointedly refuses to promise not to hand Assange over to the U.S., despite Assange's offer to return to Sweden if such a promise was made.

Any more Concerns?

Comment Re:Timothy needs round-the-clock medical help (Score 1) 264

A highly-edited video, with deceptive commentary, that shows how several 'journalists' embedded in a terrorist group that was in the middle of an attack on US troops were killed when the terrorist group received air bombardment?

You mean this tired historical revisionism? The helicopter crew straight up murdered a bunch of civilians minding their own business. There is nothing in the unedited video that gave them cause to open fire on people who weren't posing a threat to anyone, much less those who tried to help the dying.

Comment Re:What did he expect? (Score 1) 264

No, he's facing QUESTIONING for RAPE.

Then they'd pick up the fucking phone and question him about the alleged rape. They haven't done so. Assange has said he would return to Sweden, if the government promised him they wouldn't hand him over to the United States. They haven't done that either.

Which means, for anyone not suffering from willful blindness, that this isn't about rape. And spare us the BS of "Sweden can't promise that". The biggest paid hack on this issue, Rei, has even admitted that Sweden can't extradite for "intelligence crimes". Guess what revealing classified cables is?

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