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Comment: Re:Or (Score 1) 415

by Uberbah (#49361129) Attached to: How 'Virtual Water' Can Help Ease California's Drought

they could sit down and face the fact that there is clearly too many people in the area

Red herring. Residential use in California is about the same as what's used for almonds alone. And much of that residential use is by 1%ers on lawns, swimming pools and golf courses. California has more than enough water for it's people. What it doesn't have is enough water to use billions of gallons on thirsty rice, almonds, fracking, etc.

Comment: Re:Randian Dumbfuckery (Score 1) 314

by Uberbah (#49359977) Attached to: First Lawsuits Challenging FCC's New Net Neutrality Rules Arrive

DDT ban has literally killed more people than Hitler.

Speaking of Randian Dumbfuckery, this canard was debunked years ago. DDT wasn't banned for malaria prevention, it was banned for agricultural use - which was breeding DDT-resistant mosquitoes. Which means you just made a self-debunking argument.

Any more dumbfuckery, or are we done here?

Comment: Re:Explain this to me. (Score 1) 148

by Uberbah (#49359905) Attached to: First Nuclear Power Plant Planned In Jordan

You're requesting a cite for remedial knowledge of the subject? This is no more obscure than Saddam not having WMD's or Bush ignoring the Taliban's offer to hand over Bin Laddin before he invaded Afghanistan.

  • SECRETARY LEON PANETTA: ....I think the pressure of the sanctions, I think the pressure of diplomatic pressures from everywhere -- Europe, United States, elsewhere-- is working to put pressure on them, to make them understand that they cannot continue to do what they're doing. Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No.

Comment: Re:Explain this to me. (Score 1) 148

by Uberbah (#49359891) Attached to: First Nuclear Power Plant Planned In Jordan

We're comparing Jordan and Iran

It's Americans wagging their finger at Iran, which is like watching Jack the Ripper telling Larry Summers that he has a bad attitude when it comes to women. The only country to have ever used nuclear weapons has spent a decade threatening to bomb a country for the nuclear weapons program the CIA says Iran doesn't have.

Comment: Re:This validates the US policy... (Score 1) 727

by BasilBrush (#49347157) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

I'm pretty much as feminist as a man can be. But that doesn't extend to pretending that the majority of men are not stronger than the majority of women. If your feminism enables you to believe something that is contrary to scientific fact, then you have a problem.

And no, I don't believe in arming anyone. Least of all on a plane.

Comment: Re:Explain this to me. (Score 1) 148

by Uberbah (#49342381) Attached to: First Nuclear Power Plant Planned In Jordan

2) Because their government has a reputation for trustworthiness rather than a reputation for being batshit crazy?

Because that's not the worst case of projection in history? Iran hasn't attacked another country in hundreds of years. It hasn't overthrown democracies around the world to satisfy it's thirst for empire and capitalism - it was the recipient of such a 'regime change' courtesy of the CIA. Iran hasn't had a worldwide kidnapping and torture program, isn't sending robot planes to blow up teenagers in Mexico and then call them "military aged males". Etc.

For more than 10 years now, both the CIA and Mossad will tell you flat-out that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. Iran wants nuclear power for the same reason the U.S. was offering it to the Shaw it installed as dictator of Iran - so it can sell more of it's oil rather than using it for power.

Administration: An ingenious abstraction in politics, designed to receive the kicks and cuffs due to the premier or president. -- Ambrose Bierce