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Comment Blacklists (Score 1) 251

I use Ooma for my home phone service. It has a blacklist feature (both personal and a "community" shared list). You can choose whether to send them to voicemail, play them a message or what have you. It's worked perfectly for me for years, zero robocalls (other than legit ones like schools which I can always block if I need to).

I imagine it may not work forever (I remember the rise and fall of spam blacklists) but right now it's great.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 459

Well, actually, two people chose to have sex. Yet the condemnation seems to fall squarely on one of them. Funny that.

And that's ignoring the whole host of other perfectly legitimate reasons why continuing with a pregnancy would be a bad idea even if both parents wanted to. Your black and white view of the world is sadly detached from reality.

Comment Re:This breaks my brain. (Score 1) 33

It's really a very simple device. Make a nanopore (very small hole) and run the DNA/RNA through it (all this takes is a few simple chemical steps to get the DNA/RNA to unfold). Measure the change in electrical potential as the DNA/RNA goes through the hole one base at a time (kind of like reading a string of different colored beads).
The expensive part is the proprietary software to analyze the data... but that should get cheaper over time.

Comment Re:Net Neutrality? (Score 1) 173

Apples and oranges.
Or, how about a car analogy? Electricity is like driving a car... it uses energy, more if you go faster and have a bigger car. It requires hard infrastructure (road, oil wells, refineries, etc.). There is no monopoly on cars, oil, roads. The Internet has low infrastructure costs and high societal value which can be easily subverted by telecoms monopolies... hence net neutrality.

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