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Comment But those bonuses were all taxed. (Score 1) 243

So what if a corporation pays little to no taxes? ALL taxes are taxes on people, on consumers. Governments are very good at finding creative ways to tax people so that they think they aren't being taxed. Corporate taxes are just one good example. And further, these same people who are being taxed take umbrage when a corporation "doesn't pay its fair share." But who pays those corporate taxes? You do, because all a corporation does is consider the rate of taxation before pricing their products. It's part of the cost of doing business and part of the cost of the product.

Also, every dollar spent on employee salaries is taxed. Every dividend given to shareholders is taxed. Every increase in corporate worth is taxed. The government "take"
from corporations far exceeds corporate profits. Who do you think makes more money on a gallon of gas? Big Oil or the government?

The real issue here is government's insatiable appetite for taxes. There's always another "program" that "needs" to be funded because some special interest thinks so. And the way it gets funded is by taking that money away from you and giving it to someone else "more deserving."

ALL taxes are paid by the consumer, the citizen. And the fact that anyone gets upset because some corporation paid "less" taxes than you deem "fair" just shows how well the government has deceived you into being a good little citizen.

Comment Seattle just wants to become a socialist mecca (Score 1, Flamebait) 392

handcuff the cops, take away everyone's guns, put a marijuana store on every street corner, make sure you fly an LGBT flag from the Space Needle, make sure every busy street takes a lane for bicycles, put up another bust of Lenin, and everything will be peachy.

Comment I already switched to BSD (Score -1) 927

The tone of Linux kernel mailing list really is atrocious, headlined by the Chief Asshole, Linus. In my company, I find qualified women put bring out better behavior in men. However, Linux is and always be about the survival of those who can kowtow best to Linus, his flatterers willing to endure the abuse. It gives us the unique product we have today. The Linux kernel, matched with that wonder, systemd. I switched to NetBSD 2 years ago.

Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 5, Interesting) 408

I certainly don't expect 100% perfection when bombing anything, which is why I always call bullshit when our politicians say we'll use "smart" bombs or "surgical air strikes" when trying to justify attacking someone.

I used to feel the same, until I visited Belgrade. The Ministry of Defence building was hit by three bombs, each of which penetrated about 4 floors and then exploded. Damage to adjacent buildings (i.e. within 20-50 metres of the blast) was limited to broken windows and surface chips and abrasions. I saw another dozen or so buildings—quite pointedly left unrepaired during negotiations to enter the EU—all around downtown Belgrade that were the same.

Likewise Slobodan Milosevic's residence in a nearby suburb, located where all the diplomatic compounds were. You pass by row upon row of pretty 18th and 19th Century houses, each on a nicely tended plot of land, then there's a gap where Milosevic's house used to be, then another house, and another.

After this, I changed my estimation of how precision such bombing efforts could be....

... And then... I found out that they left all the really precision attacks to the French, because the Americans had a reputation for missing. :-)

Comment Re:Oh, that's ironic (Score 1) 578

No, that gives me the right to question the motives of those, who attempt to shame me into helping them by portraying them all as helpless women, elderly, and children. Such portrayals are dishonest and thus any compassion they stir is based on a lie.

Well, I can't speak for the motives of those speaking in defence of refugees, but I suspect that the motivation for the large number of young men running away is that they don't want to be caught in the crossfire by groups that either enlist or kill every single military-age man just because.

You know, like what happened in that foreign outpost named Srebrenica—Oh, hang on... that was Europe.

Comment Two KVM switches. (Score 1) 128

It sounds to me like you need TWO kvm switches.

One with a keyboard and mouse attached to it, and one monitor. The other would be just video -- or you could even use a cheap HDMI switch for this one.

This would allow you to have the keyboard and mouse tethered to one monitor, while the other monitor was independent.

For extra-fancy operation, you could even use an HDMI splitter to have the same video input going to both switches, if you needed to.

The only down side is two separate boxes to control, but you could probably rig up an Arduino or something to keep them flying in formation.

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