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Comment: The Metaphor (Score 2) 82

The Salem Witch Trials were good thing. After all, there might have been some real witches there.

In this case you have people literally flying around on metaphorical brooms on Twitter.

If there had been actual witches eating children, are you saying they should have done nothing? Because that's what you are saying should be done in the case of people talking on Twitter about how they want to rape his daughter.

We aren't talking about witch-hunts here against people who have done nothing. We are talking about bringing consequences to people who in fact HAVE done something and expect nothing to happen as a result.

Comment: Virtual Self Defense (Score 1) 82

This is why we have police departments.

Come on, you realistically expect the police to handle every case like this?

This is no different from having a reasonable right to self defense to protect your life. If you are being harassed online you should be able to do something about it, because chances are the police will not are at least not nearly as expediently as you can. The earlier you take action, the more you cut off the really bad stuff.

that's a reason to fix what's broken about our system

What if what is broken is having inherent trust in the system to do everything for you?

Sounds like it is being fixed.

Comment: The benefit is far more than marketing (Score 1) 113

by SuperKendall (#49169823) Attached to: Will you be using a mobile payment system?

We're skeptics because we see right through marketing drivel. Some technology makes sense. Some, like mobile payments, serves no practical purpose for the average consumer.

I can see why you posted AC, you were wouldn't want anyone to think you were really that stupid, right? Just trolling with an over the top utterly absurd statement, right?

I mean, replacing credit card numbers that have literally affected millions of average consumers through POS breeches, with a system just as easy to use as a CC only now the merchant never gets your card number to leak... or your name if you don't want to share it, or your drivers license number to stalk you with later (since many places rightfully ask for ID with a credit card).

I mean, there's no way anyone who can even log into Slashdot could possibly see all those things as having no benefit to everyone, much less the average consumer... right? Right?

Comment: The real morale of the story (Score 4, Informative) 193

Morale: gloomy


That doesn't mean you should never contribute to hardware kick starters. It's a good idea to carefully examine what they have done before to see if they can handle making the new thing...


Sometimes, it's just plain good to kickstart something even if it looks unlikely they will reach the goal. I would argue that is what happened in this case, because they found out a LOT about making this thing a lot of people want, and are sharing what they found. Eventually the thing people really wanted may well get made. If I had contributed to this Kickstarter (I did not) I wouldn't be mad, just a bit sad it didn't go through.

Comment: Danger (Score 1) 84

by SuperKendall (#49169569) Attached to: New Seagate Shingled Hard Drive Teardown

9% of people don't care. I set up my mother's computer with the OS on C and everything else

She sure will care if there's every a problem (and there will be a problem) with one of those drives.

As a rule of thumb it's way better not to double someones possible failure rates if they don't know themselves how to recover from it...

I've spent my life helping people get set up technically so they never need to talk to me again - at least not about their systems. It creates a lot less work for yourself, unscheduled works that generally comes at very bad times.

Comment: Mismatch (Score 1) 84

by SuperKendall (#49169267) Attached to: New Seagate Shingled Hard Drive Teardown

SSD for boot/OS/swap, and slow spinner for data gives 99% of the performance for 99% of people.

That would be great except 99% of people don't want more than one disk.

Hell, *I* don't want more than one disk, and I can ably manage them. But there's no way I can afford the SSD it would require to store everything I have (never mind the backups).

Comment: Re:Answers for both (Score 1) 230

by SuperKendall (#49169245) Attached to: Samsung Officially Unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge At MWC

Then you're extremely lucky, I've had iOS hard lock when dogfooding apps fairly frequently

So have I, that's when I use the device reset (some combination of buttons, forget what) and it reboots in seconds.

I've never needed to drain the power to 0, no matter how bad the failure was (and they can be really bad on beta versions of iOS combined with writing apps).

Comment: Re:Answers for both (Score 1) 230

by SuperKendall (#49166233) Attached to: Samsung Officially Unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge At MWC

No, we want a quick way to do a 100% reboot

I'm an IOS developer and I've never had to do anything more than a device reset (which is instant). Usually powering off and on is enough (though not as quick, it's still pretty quick at around a minute total).

If that's really your reason it's even more absurd.

Comment: No difference in effect from external battery (Score 1) 230

by SuperKendall (#49162081) Attached to: Samsung Officially Unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge At MWC

How is that any different from someone that carries an external battery pack for a phone? Most are smaller in form factor than second batteries for a phone would be... and they have the same result as having that second battery (only they are even slightly more useful since they don't need to be in the phone to charge).

Comment: Answers for both (Score 0) 230

by SuperKendall (#49162075) Attached to: Samsung Officially Unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge At MWC

1) YOU are the one who does not speak for anyone but a tiny monitory, as actual sales figures of devices clearly illustrate. People like thin, lightweight phones, and mostly as others have said never replace the battery before they get a new phone.

2) You say "you want a battery which can be removed so the phone can be powered off without
any question"

Come on, be honest. What you REALLY WANT HERE is for the phone to no longer be trackable and/or receive/transmit any signals. That's fine, I can even understand that.

As that is your actual need, there are other ways to accomplish this without making the phone worse.

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges.