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Comment: Re:simulating zero gravity (Score -1, Flamebait) 136

by GooberToo (#37223054) Attached to: Ugandan Seeks To Build Backyard Space Shuttle

Learn to comprehend what you read and properly maintain context.

When I posted that I thought it possible someone my dumbly jump all over this and then I thought - naw, this is slashdot, the people here should be able to maintain and comprehend such a small, simple context. Giving the benefit of doubt on slashdot once against proves to be a dumb idea. Go figure.

Comment: Re:I remember... (Score 1, Insightful) 193

by GooberToo (#37223034) Attached to: CERN Studies Connection Between Cosmic Rays and Climate Change

Wrong. What I was modded down was that everyone found the mere correlation of preliminary research indicated that things are far more complex and the other camp could stand it that climate change is really fucking complex and us humans are still trying to figure out the variables, let alone how things actually work.

You see, when it comes to climate change and slashdot, rarely does intelligence prevail. Censorship, by means of moderation rather than debate, generally prevails.

Comment: Re:I remember... (Score -1, Flamebait) 193

by GooberToo (#37223002) Attached to: CERN Studies Connection Between Cosmic Rays and Climate Change

Great herd-think.

My next fucking stupid are you? Your UID clearly says you've been here a long time but your post clearly says you're a really dumb fucking idiot to suggest herd-think doesn't exist on slashdot. Your post does not make sense in the least. It is in of itself a complete contradiction.

Slashdot is fucking dead - jumped the shark over a year ago.

Comment: I remember... (Score 3, Interesting) 193

by GooberToo (#37222744) Attached to: CERN Studies Connection Between Cosmic Rays and Climate Change

...posting on this very topic a couple of years back in a climate change thread. I was troll moderated to hell and quickly attacked by the slashdot masses about how this could never cause anything to happen. Never mind such research has been going on for easily a decade, if not the very preliminary work for over two decades.

So according to the slashdot herd, this is completely wrong and there is absolutely no need to ever study it as they long ago confirmed this is all nonsense. Hurry! We've all been saved by the massive stupidity which is the slashdot masses.

Comment: Re:Wilfully drain batteries? (Score 3, Insightful) 174

by GooberToo (#37221186) Attached to: Mobile Carriers Impose Handicaps On Smartphones

Apparently, the desire is not to drain the battery; but the telco is willing to do so in order to cut down on the number of TCP connections they need to deal with.

That is exactly right. The issue is, many carriers still have large NAT deployments. This means they must NAT every connection originating from every smart phone in their network. In the old days this wasn't a problem because the number of connections were typically fairly small and limited. Now that smart phones are general purpose computing devices, the number of connections which must be tracked have exploded. In other to more closely guard their finite resources, they lower their timeouts.

Of course, the proper solution is to migrate all smart phones to IPv6 and completely stop NATing. Its a win-win for everyone at that point.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."