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+ - Stan Lee partners with NHL on The Guardian Project->

Submitted by
TopShelf writes "Comic book icon Stan Lee is teaming up with the National Hockey League to create "The Guardian Project", a team of 30 new superheroes, each representing an NHL franchise. The trailer above gives a glimpse of what we're going to see in January 2011, and they've also launched www.GuardianProject30.com where fans can get presumably get more teasers as the project develops."
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The Internet

+ - Hacking the NHL All-Star Game

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TopShelf writes "With Montreal hosting the 2009 NHL All-Star Game, Canadiens fans are obviously excited to vote online to get their players into the starting lineup for the Eastern Conference. The league found, however, that after barely a day of voting, the "Flying Frenchmen" were in position for all six starting spots, with vote totals that were often 200% higher than rival stars like Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, who are widely regarded as the biggest names in the sport. A script posted on a Habs fan forum enabled users to automatically hammer away at the NHL's balloting site, in violation of the rules.

The league has belatedly added a captcha to the voting page to confound the Greasemonkey crowd, but this episode begs a question: since the NHL boasts that its avid fans are exceedingly techno-savvy, isn't this exactly the sort of competition they'd like to see? For example, alliances could be formed between cities in opposite conferences to get each other's players into the honored slots.

Last year, a similar (albeit more grassroots) drive nearly led to journeyman Rory Fitzpatrick getting named to the Western Conference squad."
The Courts

+ - Microsoft Concedes European Antitrust Case

Submitted by
TopShelf writes "The New York Times is now reporting that Microsoft has yielded in the long battle over European Antitrust claims. Quoth the Times: 'Microsoft has given up its nine-year fight against antitrust regulators in Europe, saying today that it would not challenge a court judgment there and would share technical information with rivals on terms the software giant had long resisted.'"
The Internet

+ - National Hockey League offers free live game video

Submitted by TopShelf
TopShelf (92521) writes "While paid access to game video or audio has been available from Major League Baseball for a couple years now, the National Hockey League has taken the next step forward, offering selected game broadcasts available via Yahoo for free this season. Tonight's offering has the San Jose Sharks visiting the Detroit Red Wings, utilizing the feed from TSN (the ESPN of Canada)."

+ - Dunn as in Done

Submitted by
TopShelf writes "CNN is reporting that HP Chairwoman Patricia Dunn is resigning immediately as a result of the growing scandal surrounding her covert investigation of fellow board members and journalists in an effort to root out boardroom leaks. The original plan had her leaving the Chair, but retaining her place on HP's board, after the January 18, 2007 board meeting, but the controversy is forcing CEO Mark Hurd to take over the reins right away."
The Internet

+ - Are Technorati's indexing troubles overwhelming?

Submitted by TopShelf
TopShelf (92521) writes "Recently I registered my hockey blog on Technorati, which purports to dynamically index the world of blogging. Their motto: "Technorati. Who's saying what. Right now." But in my case, and many others which I have found, "Right Now" seems more like "At Some Point, If You're Lucky." It's been well over a week after the initial claim was filed, yet my blog fails to show up in their indexes, and besides an initial autoreply email, tech support has been unresponsive. In addressing one other blogger's indexing issue, Technorati refers to "a backlog in support," and that they're working through it as best they can.

The question is, in such a dynamic field of content, how can Technorati possibly hope to catch up by manually addressing one trouble ticket at a time? That would appear to be like patching a dike that's bursting bit by bit. There's likely to be too much content being generated each day for them to make serious headway and catch up. So is there a fundamental problem with Technorati's approach to blog indexing? What is the /. community seeing?"

+ - Under the weather, and some major kudos

Submitted by TopShelf
TopShelf (92521) writes "Ugh. Sinuses are packed like somebody put expanding foam inside and hit "activate". Called in sick to work today, and fortunately the kids are away at preschool so I can get some rest. Watched "Batman Begins" finally, and was pleasantly surprised - there were a few odd bits, but overall I thought it was a really good film*.

The Major Kudos go out to HP's Customer Service - last week we were having video trouble with our Tablet PC. They sent a box out with a shipping label right away, and Friday we had it picked up (DHL came to our house). Today it came back with a new system board installed, and it seems to be working OK. That's a pretty impressive turnaround! Picked up on Friday, they received it at 9:00 a.m. Monday, repaired and shipped it later that afternoon. Well done...

*It's funny, actually - the underground catacombs where Morgan Freeman's character works strongly resembles a complex underneath a distbution center in Sweden that I visited a couple times. It was built in the 50's, and underneath a campus of office buildings and industrial sites there's a set of interconnecting tunnels and bunkers, mostly filled with decades-old equipment. Talk about a great place for a game of laser tag!"

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