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Comment Re: Great! (Score 1) 338

I still use some of the incadescent bulbs that came with the house 9 year ago in some of the rooms, and I've never had to replace them (yet). In the rest of the rooms I've replaced most with the low-energy (non-LED) replacements. I can't use LED lighting because of the flicker as it can make me dizzy.

I have Halogen in some rooms (50W GU10 bulbs). They are very bright and more efficient than standard incadescent, but each bulbs is still 50W, and only lights up what it's pointed to. Hence I have 4 of them in the kitchen (=200W). There are LED alternatives available which are 4W, but I'd never be able to use my kitchen again without feeling dizzy from the flicker.

So for people like me, this sort of technology is a must.

Submission + - Star Wars and Spoilers

Tomahawk writes: Nitrozac, over at The Joy Of Tech comic, has come up with a poster for Star Wars Spoilers Etiquette. This is vital reading for everyone, I feel. With mere hours before the biggest movie (for a lot of us, at least) of the year screens (the first screening here is at 00:05 tonight!), none of us want a Homer Simpson type revelation or slip up. I think this list is fair — I've already printed out several copies and stuck them up around the office...

Comment America's image (Score 2) 735

Outside of the USA, the USA doesn't have a great image. It never really had, to be honest.

And, unfortunately for the USA, Donald Trump is doing absolutely nothing to make that image any better.

If anyone were to look just at Donald and how he represents you guys, then they will see an idiot, a racist, a bigot, a religious intolerant... he posses, in their worst forms, all of the bad stereotypes applied to "Americans". And, in many ways, he is the most un-American person one could point to. Taking just the simplest of American values - Freedom: He wants to close down the internet, ban Muslims, and have everyone saying 'Merry Christmas', because that's obviously what Freedom means to him.

I really feel sorry for you guys. He really does make the whole country look like a joke. I dare not imagine what your country will become if he were to be elected.

To be honest, there's an awful lot of things that he says that reminds me of one Adolf Hitler.

- observations from an outsider.

Comment I love stuff like this (Score 1) 51

Space and Orbital mechanics fascinate me. They are, in essence, just Maths and Physics. There's nothing _overly_ difficult... in theory. Except that, of course, it is really really difficult.

I have great admiration for the minds that are able to come up with solutions to seemingly impossible problems, and fixing them using these simple tools of Maths and Physics. I know I would probably have thrown in the towel, pointed the instruments at the sun, and gotten whatever readings they may have given during their long spiral downwards. Who knows, there might be some data worth using...

But these guys... they salvaged it! They worked it all out and calculated that using a small manoeuvring thruster, they could achieve orbital insertion. And then went and actually did it.

This is Kerbal Space Program in real life. It's brilliant.

Comment How many Japanese Scientists (Score 4, Interesting) 214

One wonders if one would get the go ahead to perform the same experiment substituting "Japanese Whale Scientist" for "Mink Whale"... how many would we need to cull in order to put an end to such ridiculous idea and an end to hunting and killing these amazing animals?

And, unlike them, the fruits of our hunting won't make it onto any dinner plates...

Comment Re:People never learn from History (Score 2) 199

Probably not millions. But many livelihoods will be destroyed as there are many many people who a dependant on the banana crops.

But my point is still valid - recent history (only about 150 years ago) shows us that millions _did_ die because of reliance on a single species of a crop. And the cause of that _was_ the reliance on a single species. Yet we still rely in single species (or a small number of species) in just about everything we grow commercially.

Comment People never learn from History (Score 2) 199

History has so many lessons to teach. We have common phrases about in our language. Yet, still, we fail to learn.

Reliance on one type of a crop led to the Great Irish Famine, killing millions:
As already mentioned in the article, in the 1950s this happened already with bananas.
A quick Google search will yield many more examples.

And when will they do to resolve this? Odd-on they'll just find another single type of banana to grow everywhere...


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