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Comment: Re:I Love This Guy (Score 1) 257

by Toad-san (#49501373) Attached to: Gyrocopter Pilot Appears In Court; Judge Bans Him From D.C.

Okay, now you're just talking crazy.

"I never want to live in a USA where wacky shit like this Postman ain't funny anymore. We're supposed to know the difference between a good-hearted eccentric and the truly malicious. Give him a dirty look and a "don't do that again" thing. And maybe actually do something about campaign finance reform."

Campaign finance reform? Makes you wonder who the wacko is, eh?

Comment: Love That Little Bird (Score 2) 48

by Toad-san (#49379877) Attached to: X-37B To Fly Again

Just think of it. For ANYTHING to work flawlessly (I guess: it returned, didn't it?) for 675 days. Let me repeat that: Six Hundred And Seventy Five Days! Hell, my damned TV won't run that long without a reboot! Amazing, absolutely amazing.

Heh, I don't know why, but the nose wheel chocks just look so "normal" you know? Like it was a C-152 or something.

Love that little bird: no drama, no fuss, no schoolteachers in space suits. Just a little spaceship that you load up on top of a Centaur, blast it into orbit, and then check on it every year or so while it does whatever it does.

And then land, check the tire pressure, clean the windows .. no wait, it doesn't HAVE any windows! Top off the coolant .. and do it again!

Comment: Imagination, Gotta Love It (Score 2) 45

by Toad-san (#49309843) Attached to: Meet the Carolina Butcher, a 9-Foot Crocodile That Walked On Two Legs

Obviously essential for paleontologists!

A half dozen or so pieces of fossilized bone. One of which is part of a femur. NONE of which are hips, legs, feet, brain case, etc. With what they have, they might as well have pictured our long-snouted proto-croc riding a Harley!

Comment: Sounds Fine To Me (Score 0) 224

by Toad-san (#49306001) Attached to: Chevy Malibu 'Teen Driver' Tech Will Snitch If You Speed

Kid doesn't like it: let him buy his own damned car, _and_ his insurance, _and_ his maintenance.

As an Army brat in Germany, I couldn't afford a car, but motorcycles were really cheap so that's what I had. Then into the Army and definitely no money, so I was 20 before I finally owned my own (a really worn-out TR-2 I bought from my First Sergeant). I never have owned a new car; guess I just got in the habit of buying used ones. Never had any children of my own, so I haven't gone through that "Beautiful People" issue. But there again it's the question of who's running the household. If you've turned it over to the kids, you _deserve_ to be murdered in your sleep.

Comment: Re:Where to draw the line? (Score 1) 386

I've wondered for years when we were going to run out of music, run out of "original" ideas. There are only so many combinations of notes, riffs, beats. Like another comment suggests, it might be time for something different in the way of copyright, "ownership" of music, etc.

Comment: Smash It! (Score 1) 143

Yep, that's right: smash it to little pieces, videoing the entire action .. and then post it to Youtube.

Wait and see which government agency comes whining around trying to arrest you for destruction of government property.

Remember this?

Of course now _I_ am open to charges of conspiracy to destroy government property, interfering with police actions, and who knows what else?

[fingers monitors]

"A car is just a big purse on wheels." -- Johanna Reynolds