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Comment Why The Furor? (Score 1) 428

I have serious problems with the Homeland Security Gestapo, as well as the "Patriot Act" itself (the name having made me suspicious right from the start).

However this furor about drivers licenses, ID, the demand for anonymity in all we say and do .. they're losing me on this. I've carried "Federal ID" (US Army ID cards, dependent and then GI) for almost all my life. Never had an issue, never a problem. I _liked_ the feeling of "Oh, okay, you're a good guy!" I'd always get whenever I showed it.

I _like_ the Feds (or whoever) keeping a record of who flies where, even who talks to whom! Red light cameras at intersections? No problem, HOORAY in fact. Security cameras in businesses and other locations? Fine by me! Dash cams everywhere? All right!

Why no worries? Because, usually, I am NOT a criminal, I am NOT hiding my location or activities. You got an issue with that? Tch.

Comment Re:Surrounded? (Score 1) 336

I'm sorry, but it does make some sense. Except I live in one of those little Nawth Ca'lina towns, and even one as small as mine wouldn't be exactly "surrounded", no matter how many solar farms you made.

Still, that argument makes a LOT more sense for the decision they made. Too bad we didn't hear of that instead of the asinine moronic mouth breathers that hit the news.

Comment Re:Queue debate/trolling (Score 1) 85

I would have absolutely, positively have signed up for that job .. if it weren't perhaps the most boring job in the entire world.

Could I have turned the key .. knowing it was already too late, millions were already going to die and I'd just add (uselessly, I must agree) to the butcher's bill?

Sure. You betcha. If nothing else than to go down on record, "You Communist sons of b*tches, we TOLD you we'd do this. But noooo ..."

Comment How About Inability To Locate An Injury? (Score 1) 151

I'm very glad this discovery is coming along, and hope it gets out on the market quickly (and at a reasonable price).

I had the personal experience of knowing an individual who could feel pain well enough .. but couldn't identify from the pain where the injury was! He happened to be a Montagnard, Nott, the M-79 gunner on my recon team in Vietnam (long long ago) .. but I suppose that's neither here nor there. I saw him get injured several times and it was always the same thing. It usually took a couple of seconds; his expression would show pain and discomfort; and he'd start checking out his body to see what was hurt. Usually he couldn't pin it down until he found the bleeding part (first time I saw it), or found a joint wasn't working properly or would generate higher pain levels when used.

He lived with it just fine, but I found it curious to say the least.

Comment Re:Marketing costs? Do me a favor (Score 1) 305

I thought that 10% R&D cost figure was hugely inaccurate (given a recent presentation to my Rotary Club by a Pfizer sales rep). But apparently it's not far off at all!


Pfizer (a big R&D spender) probably continues to cut back from their 2011 13.5% R&D budget, so 10% might not be so far off after all.

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