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Comment It Wasn't A Bombing (Score 4, Informative) 397

If the Washington Post's article's details are correct, this was NOT a bombing gone awry. It was artillery rounds (and possibly 40mm cannon fire) from an AC-130 Spectre, a gunship that's been in use since the Vietnam era. They're usually pinpoint accurate, every round is fired with an eyeball targetting via low-vision video, and there'll be full video tape of the entire action.

Doesn't make it any nicer, doesn't make it any less of a screw-up (in fact, more so). Lots of videos online of Spectre working out in Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

The hospital should consider itself lucky: those hits were probably only 105mm howitzer rounds. If they'd been multiple thousand pounders, the catastrophe and casualties would've been even greater.

Of course if the Post is wrong and this was NOT an AC-130 .. never mind.

Comment Dreamers (Score 1) 618

"Then if you go upstream you can see who that person's boss was...and see if testing happened...and, if testing didn't happen. So you can go from the bottom up to nail everyone."

Oh yeah, like that's gonna happen. Admittedly it would be easier than chasing down decisions in (1) crappy bank and investment fund decisions, (2) not sending aid to the US Consulate in Libya, (3) the Enron California power scam .. and any number of other catastrophes. Actual people hardly ever get punished in these things, and that's too bad.

At least that peanut butter CEO might be getting actual jail time; that's nice.

Comment To Quote Arthur C. Clarke (Score 1) 191

(who had some damned wise things to say about a LOT of stuff .. curiously enough even the LHC:


"If an elderly but distinguished scientist says that something is possible, he is almost certainly right; but if he says that it is impossible, he is very probably wrong."

Comment Re:Ad Blocking (Score 1) 519

I fully agree. When a page takes three times as long to load because of the godz-cursed ads, I do what I can to get rid of them. That plus the known threat from malware that has been a problem with ads since they first came out.

Keep them fast, short, simple .. and SAFE .. and I might reconsider removing my beloved ad blocker. Otherwise .. well, screw you, advertisers, and I don't care what it costs me for "free" online services and information.

Comment Nothing New Here (Score 1) 203

I experienced the same Reboot Loop problem a month or two ago (as apparently did many others). I had to find and run a (luckily free) program that cleaned up the system and rolled my Win10 Pro Insider Preview back to Build 10074. I've been stuck there ever since, simply postponing (and then closing the window on) any updates.

Not even a full Win10 install solved it: the install would accept neither the "old" Win10 Preview code nor the previous Win7 installation code. No solutions yet.

Comment Re:Pilot's licenses should be required (Score 1) 62

True that. Otherwise, think about prison yards (recent drop by a drone of drugs in one), athletic fields (imagine a drone ditching, aldning, crashing in the middle of a professional football or baseball game), back yards as you mentioned, stampeding farm animals, hovering outside a business's windows and photographing commercial secrets. The list goes on and on and on.

Comment Can We Spell "Resistance", Hmmmm? (Score 1) 466

No one's said a word (yet) about the difference in resistance losses between AC and DC when you try to transmit it over any significant distance at all.


If you want to give up almost all of your electrical uses in your home or business, feel free: switch to DC. Otherwise, I wouldn't suggest it. If you think those AC losses are significant, they don't hold a candle (heh) to DC.

Comment Details! Details! (Score 2) 272

I'd be very interested in how they're stating the possibility ("pustulated", "may", "suggests") that the aircraft could've made a landing in the water. Dents or other damage on bottom surface of the flaperon) vs elsewhere? The way the hinges or control rods were damaged? This is VERY important, and I dislike people just speculating how it might have happened without some damned solid evidence.

Comment Amazingly, Nawth Ca'lina Governor Got It Right! (Score 1) 363

One of the few damned things he's done that I agree with. The big turkey, chicken and hog factory owners in this state were HUGELY supporting making whistleblowing illegal, after numerous embarrassing incidents involving health and animal cruelty issues in their plants and farms.


It's not hard to admit errors that are [only] cosmetically wrong. -- J.K. Galbraith