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Comment: Re:Take your space (Score 1) 288

by Toad-san (#49111345) Attached to: How Walking With Smartphones May Have Changed Pedestrian Etiquette

I'm a fairly large person as well, so I have no problems whatsoever in stopping, holding my ground, and letting the oblivious asses walk into ME! They usually look quite irritated (although they seldom dare to get angry with me, what with the size and all).

I'm usually very polite, but these asses are pushing the limits. So I just won't take it any more.

Comment: Re:"The history of the domain is well documented" (Score 1) 69

by Toad-san (#49111273) Attached to: The History of, the Most Contested Domain On the Internet

Because I for one hadn't read the full story. It's good to be reminded that (1) there are thieving lying scumbags out there, (2) there always will be. I'm also personally pleased to see the victim continue to screw with this particular scumbag's life, forever and ever, ad infinitum.

Everyone needs a hobby, right?

Comment: Audio Via Ethernet (Score 1) 418

Riiii-ight. Well, I do like my music bits and bytes nice and shiny and orderly.

Except I don't know how good these things could possibly be. I mean, they aren't even gold plated! Didn't we learn from NASA: everything headed for outer space must be gold plated?

They _are_ speccing these cables for the ISS, aren't they?

Comment: Submitted (Score 1) 217

Well, I've sent in my complaint .. for what it's worth.

" Do not, repeat, DO NOT open up cell phones to telemarketing or any other dialing scam. While you're at it, put teeth into the current telemarketing scams, fake caller IDs, and all the rest. You KNOW what's going you; you just need to find the balls to do something about it. "

Comment: Does That Include Email? (Score 1) 435

by Toad-san (#48620109) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

So the very polite and courteous email I received from the Cuban Foreign Office back after Hurricane Katrina will no longer be quite the unique bit of memorabilia after all?

Lest we forget, Cuba offered to send doctors and other medical assistance to help the suffering residents in New Orleans after Katrina did its thing .. and the US State Department was hardly even polite with their refusal.

So I emailed the Cuban Foreign Office to apologize :-) I'm sure I tripped some intelligence tripwires on that little gesture, but meh .. who cares? I, being previously assigned to the 8th Special Forces Group in Panama back in The Day, was probably on a Cuban Intelligence list or two in any event :-) Luckily everyone (Cuban and US) apparently had a sense of humor, or sense enough not to screw with the topic. Or maybe NSA wasn't quite as invasive then as now. I still thought it awfully decent of the Cuban government to respond to my unsolicited email.. startled no doubt by the "SGM, USA SF (Ret)" in my email's signature.

Comment: How Old IS This Chocolate? (Score 1) 323

by Toad-san (#48411791) Attached to: MARS, Inc: We Are Running Out of Chocolate

If we're eating more than we produce, that means we're eating stockpiled chocolate, right? Which means old chocolate bars. And we haven't noticed?

I used to wonder about the unique "Tropical Chocolate" bars we used to be issued in Vietnam. They always had a musty smell to them, but I figured it was from their unique properties (NOT to melt in hot climates) .. and of course all military rations are expected to be stored for lengthy periods of time.

The real panic won't begin until the stores (e.g., stored, stockpiled chocolate) run out.

Comment: Makes Sense To Me (Score 1) 308

If AT&T can't be sure they can charge for the additional bandwidth provided by these higher speed links, and if they can't be sure their current users will pay for the higher speed .. how can they pay for the expansion? Sounds like a no-brainer to me, and I don't blame them.

Water company: "We were going to lay a new 8" water line into the neighborhood, but the town wouldn't give us permission to increase the water service charge."
State: "We wanted to add a third lane to the Interstate, but the Feds wouldn't promise to help fund it. And the taxpayers won't let us raise gas taxes for thru-state traffic that doesn't even buy gas!"

Of course don't miss a chance to take a cheap shot at AT&T.

It is not best to swap horses while crossing the river. -- Abraham Lincoln