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Comment: Is More Insulin the Answer? (Score 1) 100

by Toad-san (#48112325) Attached to: Scientists Coax Human Embryonic Stem Cells Into Making Insulin

I thought one of the problems with diabetes was not having the _right_ amount of insulin, corresponding to the levels of blood sugar?

I've seen the effects of too much insulin, and it ain't pretty. (It's called hypoglycemia, folks.) So just stuffing a bunch of insulin producer cells in a person's system is not going to be the solution.

Comment: Thanks for the Insight (Score 1) 724

by Toad-san (#48056873) Attached to: Intel Drops Gamasutra Sponsorship Over Controversial Editorials

I appreciate very much the varying points of view here .. that didn't get TOO paranoid or conspiratorial, thank the godz.

However .. I just went to, expecting to see a hotbed of feminist rages.

Surprise, surprise, surprise - very bad Gomer Pyle imitation

One, uno, ein, 1 blog entry from a female worker at Angry Birds on gender balance, and a very thoughtful article indeed!

So where's the beef? Why the furor? Tempest in a teakettle, eh?

I'm thinking Intel is succumbing to a kneejerk response to a flood of bogus complaints. Tch, shame on them.

Comment: I SPEET On Your Steenking Sportvan! (Score 1) 261

by Toad-san (#48037623) Attached to: Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?

My mother-in-law's Mercury Topaz is surely a greater danger! How she gets away with it I'll never know.

What a crappy misuse of statistics. Heh, hardly even statistics. How about balancing those "ticketed" numbers against the number of each model on the road? I don't see a single Porsche, Maserati, Jaguar, not even Corvettes! And they don't get tickets? Come on!

Comment: Check Out Lake Powell (Score 4, Informative) 151

by Toad-san (#48037541) Attached to: Aral Sea Basin Almost Completely Dry


Quite startling, how the water levels change. But read the article to see why this is happening, and where it's going. It seems it doesn't take a "totalitarian government" to do stupid, short-sighted things. But hey, enjoy your golf at Vegas, hear? And the water shows.

Comment: DAMN Good Report (Score 1) 201

by Toad-san (#48009419) Attached to: The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

But sad, almost disgusting to see how lousy the government and its agencies can be. Maybe I want to throw up now.

I certainly have no good feelings about the Fed or our major banks, even if this report DID come from the Fed. Too bad the media didn't do ITS job to highlight things like this. Thanks, Slashdot and "This American Life".

Comment: There's something wrong with this "hoax" (Score 1) 189

by Toad-san (#47569221) Attached to: An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax

The picture of the character at the Wikipedia site appears to be real, and was uploaded by someone else entirely.

The reference to the author, Peggy Parrish, appears to be real, a real person, a real author.
Numerous other links to Amelia Bedelia books, stage plays, movies, etc. appear to be valid and real, and date FAR earlier than this purported hoax.

I submit that EJ Dickson, the self-proclaimed hoaxer, is hoaxing us all with a hoax about a non-existing hoax!

Comment: Supervise Your Children (Score 3, Insightful) 165

by Toad-san (#47532999) Attached to: Wikipedia Blocks 'Disruptive' Edits From US Congress

""Out of over 9,000 staffers in the House, should we really be banning this whole IP range based on the actions of two or three? "

Yes. It may get the attention of the guilty parties. I, for one, want to see the exact identification of that House representative, the office guilty of this ongoing abuse. Name names, cowards!

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