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Comment Re:Dumbest fear mongering yet on Slashdot... (Score 1) 211

plenty of hobbyists could make a remotely controlled car on the cheap for use in wifi covered city. Camera, used laptop, D/A board, linear actuators....would such gear need to cost more than $250?

Sporting young terrorist wanting video game feel can realize cost savings by just worrying about steering while throttle jammed to good position, forget accelerator control and braking. Maybe forget about remote camera if in view of the venue.

Comment Re:Christie is ideal (Score 1) 559

simple, you start doing it, others take the hint and leave themselves. employers get punished for hiring such, they take the hint

you answer your own question about deporting citizens, "not on record". heck more than half of them speak no english at all, no one brought up in this country and in our school systems will be like that.

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