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Comment Re:accomplished what? (Score 1) 318

You are so funny. They have and can recruit in person, on radio, on tv, via newspaper, to the neighboring towns as they expand. you can't remove their ability to communicate. they don't need facebook, twitter nor anything else.

you can kill them, then they will die whether they wither or not.

but imagining taking away some social media accounts will matter is just a delusion by ignorant kids

Comment Re:how's that gun control working for you, frogger (Score 1) 965

We have concealed carry in the USA in all 50 states including at soccer matches. people are slaughtering each other left and right at those, yes? oh no they aren't. We do have problem with savages in inner cities with guns, but those are illegally held without permit

maybe violent eurotrash idiots in europe, with police record of such behaviour including at soccer games, should not carry firearms. I'd agree with that

Comment Re:1880... (Score 1) 369

The data from 1880 are useless, "weather stations" at the time would often write "morning" and "noon" and "evening" and then a temperature from an unknown thermometer which could have been replaced many times, with gaps of a decade or more in record......truly useless data for any serious purpose, but dweeb types imagine "oh but but but statistics!" could make something useful from such rubbish.

Comment Re:India, Kenya, Paris...where next? (Score 1) 965

or the slightly smarter could just bump fire semiautos without needing anything extra.

But the reply was to poster about "easy access to guns" somehow meaning attack with the military weapons in Paris would be more likely here and surprise that it hasn't happened. No, only thing different about such an attack in the USA is possibility that people could legally shoot back with guns on their person

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