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Comment: Re:AP is what exactly? (Score 1) 293

by ThorGod (#47245263) Attached to: Average HS Student Given Little Chance of AP CS Success

They're not anywhere near college level. I've tutored the calculus variants and they do not cover anywhere near the full material for calc 1 let alone 2. At best it's a crappy outline of things to come in college. I would not want someone passing over calculus in college because of those classes.

Comment: migraine, lortabs, and early morning on a futon (Score 1) 310

The weirdest has to be last year. I was suffering from a severe (10/10 pain level) migraine. It took two lortabs to ameliorate the pain. I was still in bed, which happened to be a futon, around 3 am. I just pulled out my laptop and coded some. Believe it or not, but through all the pain and everything my brain just really wanted to program and thinking about the problem helped get me through the misery.

Comment: Re:All maximized all the time (Score 1) 121

by ThorGod (#47142735) Attached to: HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

Developers would need to target it...and as a developer I'm not likely to target it since it's only one android device.

Apps meant for 10" screens will probably function well enough on it, though. So it'll be useful if you've already migrated your workflow to a 10" tablet but want more screen/keyboard estate (I'm throwing out entertainment value since it's a laptop form factor)

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