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Comment: Re:Illegal to use? (Score 1) 337 337

No, they are not illegal in China. I had an employee fly up to Beijing to get one for me (I also had him buy me a GWAN base station from Hughes which you can also buy legally). You have to register with the local telcom when you buy the SIM card if I remember correctly, but you could use SIMs bought elsewhere.

Comment: Re:Who wants to update?? (Score 1) 1012 1012

The removal of the Atom support is likely another cat and mouse game with the likes of Psystar more than it is with the home enthusiast community.

Exactly. It would appear that Apple's attitude up to this time was one of "bemused detachment" when it came to the hackintosh community. But as soon as some jackasses decide that they are going to turn it into a business model - which primarily relies on Apple's IP - then the gloves come off.

Comment: Re:gross (Score 1) 384 384

so what do they taste like?? can we make them taste like bacon?

They taste a bit like garlicky dry mashed potatoes. I've had them in a restaurant here in China. I think the guys I was with ordered them as a joke, but frankly, they were good enough that I ate them heartily. The first one was a little weird, because they do look a bit Alien-like and insect-ish.

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