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Comment: Re:Yes but (Score 1) 191

by Therilith (#38084470) Attached to: Researchers Locate Flaw In Bitcoin Protocol

That's sort of a silly complaint though.
If you have 50 BTC in your wallet, 24 hours later you'll... still have 50BTC in your wallet.

If I exchange my dollars for euros (or yen or GBP) and back again the next day, I might find that I've lost quite a bit of my "investment" in a short period of time.

You can, of course, claim that the value of a bitcoin isn't stable enough (which will be less of a problem as more people start using it), or that you think it'll become worthless at some point, but such criticisms can be leveled against any currency.

Comment: Re:Speculation (Score 1) 709

by Therilith (#37762014) Attached to: Value of Bitcoin "Crashes"

The other inherent problem, is the protocol design tries pretty hard to make the rate of BTC production mostly constant over time.

Actually, the system has been designed to reduce the production/time to 50% of what it used to be (25BTC instead of 50BTC/10 min IIRC) pretty soon.

Comment: Re:My opinion has changed on these (Score 1) 147

by Therilith (#36760492) Attached to: The Hidden Evil of the Microtransaction

Like the OP, I will not buy or play any game featuring MTX. I feel that once you take that first step towards "the more money you give us, the more stuff we give you in-game", it fundamentally changes the feel of the game even if it's something as relatively innocent as a purely cosmetic hat. There is also the fact that every single time a game starts using MTX, within a relatively short amount of time all the oft-mocked slippery slope predictions turn out to be completely accurate.

Buy the box for a one-off cost: who cares about the long-term as long as you make the sale?

Bad reviews will cost you sales. Insidious psych 101 scams don't put people off in the same way that "this game sucks" does.

Cut the content down as much as possible, charge more for DLC or sequels.

I would put DLCs in the same group as microtransactions WRT the OPs statement. Not all, mind you, but most.

Comment: Another one lost (Score 1) 315

by Therilith (#36571604) Attached to: <em>EVE Online</em> Players Rage, Protest Over Microtransactions

...and there goes any excitement I had about renewing my sub once the expansion went live.
I suppose with the PLEX (and that damn "strategy guide") people were already able to buy stuff in-game for real life money, but this is just so damn... blatant. I don't know what else to say about it.

One by one I see games and series I love succumb to the lure of microtransactions and pay-to-win while I stand by telling myself that there will always be another game to take it's place.
I suppose I should just stop being so damn melodramatic and just accept that the hobby I fell in love with years ago just isn't the same anymore.
Maybe once I finish reveling in nostalgia I'll go read a book or something instead...

Comment: Re:But why? (Score 1) 159

by Therilith (#36055524) Attached to: How Far and Fast Can the Commercial Space World Grow?

"We have to go into space right now because the planet might possibly be destroyed by a hypothetical asteroid that could maybe hit us at some point in the near-or-not-so-near future maybe. Why are you just standing there? RUN!"

I agree that it's in our best interest to spread into space at some point, but some people are acting like our planet is at most a couple years away from complete annihilation or something...

Comment: Re:Bugs in code, and people who pay then "pirate" (Score 1) 365

by Therilith (#35805376) Attached to: <em>Garry's Mod</em> Catches Pirates the Fun Way

As such, only people who reported the problem AND whose Steam accounts lacked a proper purchase of Garry's Mod were banned.

They banned people based on this?!

Unfortunately I already own GMod, but I sure as hell wouldn't have bought it after they pulled something like this.

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"