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I can think of a third. I had no idea fdoid existed until reading these posts. Outside of rooting my phone ans removing a bunch of garbage, i never really looked for more than a few apps and i wont update those due to expanded permisions i find too intrusive.

That being said, now that i know, i will likely use it when i change phones again in about 2 weeks.

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by mcgrew (#47549375) Attached to: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45

You, sir, are an abusive moron who is obviously not intelligent enough to realize that the Mars rovers are spinoffs from Apollo. Were it not for Apollo there would be no Hubble, no Martian robots, no ISS, none of the space exploration done today. Obviously unlike you, I remember Sputnik. We can thank the Russians for Apollo.

Now crawl back to 4chan where flamebait like yours is welcome. Where in the hell are the moderators?

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by sumdumass (#47546101) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

You are not really looking at the entire picture.

It starts with some people trying to convince Ukraine to distance itself from Russia and become more European friendly. When the elected president decides to stick with Russia, all the sudden he is a crook and needs removed from office. There are protests demanding his removal, a couple clashes and, he gets removed, flees to Russia and replaced with someone pro west who seems to think rushing these oil and gas contracts in as fast as possible is not nearly fast enough. Now enter Crimea and the Russian backed separatists and there you go.

That's the nutshell of it. Now I suppose the parent thinks it is important that a lot of US government family and friends got cushy jobs on the oil exploration right as this was happening because it shows it happened as someone else like the US was pulling strings and manipulating the Ukraine in order to get that natural gas and money.

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by mcgrew (#47543305) Attached to: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45

I was working at Disney World when the first shuttle took off, and saw every shuttle launch before Challenger without a TV. One was a night launch I saw from my mom's house in Tampa. We drove to the cape to watch one, man that thing is LOUD.

The first one I not only didn't see firsthand was Challenger; I missed that launch completely. I was in Illinois looking for work (we'd just had our first kid and moved back to be close to family and besides, Florida is a shitty place to live).

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by mcgrew (#47543207) Attached to: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45

I reposted this journal the day before the anniversary; it's my story of that day.

our driver of innovation today? cat pictures and dashcam video of accidents.

Telescopes in outer space, robots crawling around Mars, all sorts of robotic probes all over the solar system, self-driving cars, a permanent space station, GPS, private space launches... And, you know, when Apollo 11 took off, flat screen displays and Star Trek communicators were only fantasy. Those cat pictures themselves were impossible science fiction; a computer as powerful as a smart phone didn't exist. Hell, cars didn't even have seat belts then, let alone ABS, disc brakes, air bags, bluetooth... I think your memory of just how primitive it was and how far we've come is a bit faulty.

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I don't think it matters if he was wrongly accused, convicted, or found innocent of the charges. It is still news that it all happened and i do not think yhe intent of this right to be forgotten was ever to hide entire rvents. Its purpose is so that when searching for kevreeduk, it doesn't show up prejudicing my opinion of you in our separate dealings whether it be in getting a loan, job, membership to a club or something or whatever.

Your right to be forgotten doesn't seem to be the right for events to disapear entirely. Just to stop the events from dominating attemps to ascertain your reputation. A lot a businesses make you disclose convictions before being hired so it is likely to benefit innocents more that guilty anyways but there are a lot of other aspect to it too.

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by mcgrew (#47543125) Attached to: Shot in the back, in self-defense

Investigators would not say whether the shooting occurred inside the home or in the alley behind the house. According to the station, Greer is not under arrest and police are still determining whether or not the homeowner will face charges.

The guy was eighty years old, the young people attacked and robbed him in his own house and had done so before. If he shot her before they left, it was certainly justified. If it was indeed in the alley he should certainly face murder charges. As the article says, that hasn't been determined. Personally, I'm going to withhold judgement.

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Others can still search for the information. They just need to use different terms.

For instance, suppose a fire was set on vacant property and it got out of control burning another property. Supposed the police accused the owner of arson for the insurance money. Now suppode that 20 years later, that owner wants it all to be forgotten. You could sesrch for yhe area, fire, time, statements made by witnesses and so on to find the information about it.

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