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Comment Project Pronto (Score 2) 253

Yeah, they were pumping like 25 million to place DSLAMS at every SLC, enabling everyone to connect and surf at the (then) astounding 1Mbps.

Sadly they realized their infrastructure was not up to snuff to handle the increased traffic.

Soo, they tried to wrangle permits and easements to get the new wiring or fiber laid. Sadly, the NIMBY's and politicals pretty much screwed things over for them so most of the money got sank into permits and (maybe) bribes just to get to 15% of the roll out goals.

Soo, the project got flipped to lightspeed, which was fiber to pole, then U-Verse.

Comment Multiple uses for the stuff (Score 3, Informative) 90

It's also used in LED's, plus military applications like active phased array radar systems. This breakthrough will make the LED market cost plummet, plus bring the modern radar systems cost down even lower to where other gov't agencies like NOAA and even upper crust civilian markets to own the radar for their own uses.

Comment SAN is out. (Score 1) 219

Library storage sounds like that may be your best choice. Several high end vendors sell such systems and may need to have RFS and RFQ's submitted, not to mention seeing the systems in action. This is not going to be cheap, but it's best on the long term investment. Ensure that it is scalable and can handle any future expansions without investing in whole new kit or that will simply put your department back to square one.

Submission + - 'It's a graveyard': The software devs leaving Greece for good (

TheHawke writes: "In the last three years, almost 80 percent of my friends, mostly developers, left Greece," Panagiotis Kefalidis told ZDNet. He's now a software developer in Vancouver, Canada. "When I left for North America, my mother was not happy, but... it is what it is."

Comment Synology's NAS (Score 2) 147

They have their own internal DNS and DHCP, but the latter is needed to operate the former, sadly. I'd like to see an up to date instruction sheet to set up and place into production both services sometime. The current set is vague and wooly.

Comment Sounds like Project PRONTO all over again. (Score 1) 230

Remember that disaster in a can? This was during the Big Deal when DSL was the trend maker. The problem with DSL or any ISP service over telecom copper needs to be operating at or on spec. Most of the locations where Pronto was slated to roll out on had crap copper. So guess where the money went? Almost all of it got sunk into infrastructure improvement and service roll out to high income, high density areas, leaving the blue collars and rural folks high and dry.

Take a guess where the FTH is going to be rolled out to. You guessed right, the moneybags districts.

Comment Appears their sins have caught up with them. (Score 1) 151

Their mistakes have multiplied greatly over the past 5 years, ranging from basic testing errors that wiped out the hopes for several thousand students, to outages that shackled tens of thousands of applicants for a variety of programs, not just in the academic field.

Questions abound over how they managed to obtain half-billion dollar contracts with states. This stems from non-profit organizations that are attached to the corporate body itself. Plus the heavy-handed lobbying and borderline monopoly they have over the instructional book, testing and exam industry.

Sounds like Pearson needs to come under a congressional audit and grilled until they are past well done.


Submission + - Is your data on the cloud really private? Few think not. (

TheHawke writes: "If you upload a copy of a legally bought DVD to your cloud drive, could your provider label it as a copyright violation? What about a honeymoon photo set that includes one too many bikini shots — could an overzealous automated porn filter delete your pictures by mistake?

Some popular cloud storage providers sweep accounts looking for illegal data. Right now, the focus is on hunting for child pornography, but their terms of service allow for other kinds of files to be considered non grata as well."

Comment Re:We'll see how long this lasts... (Score 1) 398

Past the first person with eye problems (particularly photosensitive people) being blinded permanently....

Eyes are a lot more durable than most people think. Even staring at the sun *won't* cause permanent damage, contrary to what your Mom may have told you. What it will do is give you a sunburn on your retina, and being somewhere you can neither get aloe on, or scratch or anything else... well, yeah, that'd suck. But it goes away. The sun isn't bright enough, nor the area of your iris large enough, to create enough heat to cause damage.

That is if the eye is not already damaged... If someone has cataracts or similiar myopia and their eye's cannot respond properly, then damage can and will result even during a time exposure that would not damage a normal eye.

There is the point of my concern.


Submission + - NASA Administration announces Saturn V Rebirth (

TheHawke writes: "The Obama administration on Wednesday will unveil its much-delayed general plans for its rocket design, called the Space Launch System, which will cost about $35 billion, according to senior administration sources and information obtained by The Associated Press. It will carry astronauts in a capsule on top and start test launching in six years.

The design for NASA's newest behemoth of a rocket harkens back to the giant workhorse liquid rockets that propelled men to the moon. But this time the destinations will be much farther and the rocket even more powerful.

I can hear the old Saturn contractors cheering now..."

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