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Submission + - 'It's a graveyard': The software devs leaving Greece for good->

TheHawke writes: "In the last three years, almost 80 percent of my friends, mostly developers, left Greece," Panagiotis Kefalidis told ZDNet. He's now a software developer in Vancouver, Canada. "When I left for North America, my mother was not happy, but... it is what it is."
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Submission + - Is your data on the cloud really private? Few think not.->

TheHawke writes: "If you upload a copy of a legally bought DVD to your cloud drive, could your provider label it as a copyright violation? What about a honeymoon photo set that includes one too many bikini shots — could an overzealous automated porn filter delete your pictures by mistake?

Some popular cloud storage providers sweep accounts looking for illegal data. Right now, the focus is on hunting for child pornography, but their terms of service allow for other kinds of files to be considered non grata as well."

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Submission + - NASA Administration announces Saturn V Rebirth->

TheHawke writes: "The Obama administration on Wednesday will unveil its much-delayed general plans for its rocket design, called the Space Launch System, which will cost about $35 billion, according to senior administration sources and information obtained by The Associated Press. It will carry astronauts in a capsule on top and start test launching in six years.

The design for NASA's newest behemoth of a rocket harkens back to the giant workhorse liquid rockets that propelled men to the moon. But this time the destinations will be much farther and the rocket even more powerful.

I can hear the old Saturn contractors cheering now..."

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