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Journal: Reflections on the election 3

Journal by TheConfusedOne

Orson Scott Card lays down some pretty heavy words that are worth reflecting on.

Me, I'm going to vote and it'll be an almost straight Republican line. I'll vote for Leiberman because he's earned my respect on defense and I'm not a huge supporter of some of the social aspects of the Republican line. Yeah, Joe's a flaming liberal on everything except the war, but right now that's the big #1 thing in my book. (The image of Lamont with Sharpton behind him and people chanting "Bring them home!" was just too much.)

So, that's where I stand on this and I think Card's captured the big issue correctly.

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Journal: Poor squiggle 4

Journal by TheConfusedOne

Not happy enough to shut down debate, he also had to go and bitch about it. Not in my JE mind you, but as a coda to a question that I posed in his journal.

The irony is his ending:

As I said, go fuck yourself. You're a liar, a troll, and I'm amazed I held out this long.

Apparently he thinks that he should be rewarded for his perseverance in the face of a challenge to his authority. (Two posts being apparently his limit for "sufferring fools".)

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Journal: Gee, he foe'd me. 6

Journal by TheConfusedOne

Apparently when you don't toe the line for the Democratic party purity test and maybe question some people's ideas it earns you a spot on their foe list. squigleslash accused me of trolling, rebutted my post, and foe'd me so I'd be unable to respond.

A truely class act.

Further indicative of the open-minded, big tent attitude of those who are busy labelling Lieberman as a traitor because he didn't meet the latest Democratic purity test (this test being decided by less than 10% of the Democrats in Connecticut mind you).

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Journal: A b'day of infamy

Journal by TheConfusedOne

I'm sorry everyone, I truely am.

* 1888 - Jack the Ripper kills his third and fourth victims, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes.

* 1967 - BBC Radio 1 is launched; the BBC's other national radio stations also adopt numeric names. Tony Blackburn presents the first show.

(I'm not sure which is scarier.)

* 1971 - Jenna Elfman, American actress

It's scary to think she's a year YOUNGER than me.

Yes, September 30th a day of infamy, despair, and destruction. I'm not living up to my birthright.

"Just think, with VLSI we can have 100 ENIACS on a chip!" -- Alan Perlis