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Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 150

by LWATCDR (#49629873) Attached to: How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text

I find people so amusing.
Why would anyone have any doubt that the NSA is using the best tech available? The majority of people seem to be happy with what is going on. Frankly if you voted for President Obama you voted for mass surveillance. He knows all about, he authorises it, and he supports it.
Frankly I am all for people pushing for better laws and regulations but the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth over it when they voted for it is just over the top.
Grow up people. Every nation will spy on every other nation to the best of it's ability. Only laws can restrict them from local surveillance and only your spies can protect you from the other nations spies.

Comment: Re:An ever bigger torpedo (Score 1) 120

by gstoddart (#49629833) Attached to: Self-Driving Big Rigs Become a Reality

You could reasonably address this to some degree by marking the temporary lanes with colored paints.

Yeah, sure.

Let's change all construction practices and infrastructure to try to solve the ways in which self driving vehicles will be completely unprepared for the real world.

We can remove all the other drivers, embed tracking sensors in the road, build it out of special materials, put sensors everywhere. That will totally work. Except in the massive amount of places where it won't.

For these things to ever actually work in the real world, it's not the world which will have to adapt to them.

Who is going to pay for all of this? Everybody except the company who makes them.

Comment: Re:Trains (Score 1) 120

by Archangel Michael (#49629719) Attached to: Self-Driving Big Rigs Become a Reality

My car, traveling the 500 Miles to my mother's house, averages around 65 miles per hour, including the one stop for gas. A train to the the vicinity, averages about 1/3 that, because of the stops along the way it makes, that my car doesn't. Nothing like taking a 8 hour drive and making it nearly 24 hours. And no, this isn't highly dense populated areas, this is through the central valley of California. And no, HSR isn't going to solve this problem either, it is only going to make it marginally better.

Comment: Re:skating on the edge of legal? (Score 3, Insightful) 169

by gstoddart (#49629657) Attached to: Uber Forced Out of Kansas

"People" aren't pushing back, entrenched "organizations" are pushing back


Municipalities and states which have passed laws around commercial for-hire vehicles are pushing back and saying "you don't get to tell us what our laws are". This has nothing to do with entrenched players pushing back other than them pointing out that if they're subject to those laws, Uber can't come along and claim to not be.

Let's keep some perspective, even while Uber is obviously circumventing laws

They're breaking the law, and throwing a whiny temper tantrum is irrelevant.

The laws exist to protect people from shady players without proper licensing and insurance looking to make a buck.

Uber is basically a dispatcher for illegal cabs. That's it.

You can claim it's some innovative noble thing to be assholes who ignore the law. But that doesn't make it true.

Criminal activity isn't a business model. It's a temper tantrum by greedy assholes who claim the law doesn't apply to them.

Comment: Re:skating on the edge of legal? (Score 1) 169

by gstoddart (#49629587) Attached to: Uber Forced Out of Kansas

If by "pushing the boundaries" you mean "straight up ignoring the law", then that is essentially what they do.

They show up, say they're going to ignore the law because they're special little snowflakes, and then act like victims when they get told that's not going to work.

Their entire business model is "we don't give a crap about the law, because we're magical and special assholes".

Essentially they want to pretend that they shouldn't be covered by existing regulations.

I'm forced to conclude the owners are either massive assholes, or seriously delusional.

Sorry, but this is a $40 billion dollar corporation whose entire operations is based on ignoring laws and throwing a temper tantrum when they're enforced.

They say disruptive technology. I say uber douchebags.

Comment: Re:WTF (Score 1) 104

by gstoddart (#49629539) Attached to: Canadian Town Outlaws Online Insults To Police and Officials

Honestly, it's stupidity, and trying very hard to "protect" their culture and language.

This is a province where they've tried to get companies like "Canadian Tire" and "Home Depot" to rename their companies to French because they've outlawed English signage. It's a place where they keep trying to make it illegal to have your kids educated in English.

Ironically, French speakers from almost anywhere else in the world typically can't understand WTF Quebec people are saying.

Comment: Re:FTYF, Submitter (Score 1, Informative) 200

by Archangel Michael (#49629477) Attached to: The Medical Bill Mystery

$1300 error for a $10,000 hospital bill. That is a three hour Emergency Room visit, maybe less.I know, I've had to go to the emergency room for an eye injury and the bill was close to $15,000 (Fifteen Thousand), and including waiting time to release was about 4 hours. You want to know why this shit is expensive? I saw a dozen "Non-emergency" patients in the waiting room, a number of them went in before me (my eye was gushing blood). I won't tell you why, because you'll call me a troll. My guess is my bill paid for their bills, and a few others.

Comment: Re:trickle down economics (Score 1) 214

The local climate is South Florida.
So what you want to do is restrict people from being active in their community and improving their community. I guess things like Beach Cleanups should also not be allowed since only rich people can spend the time cleaning a beach?.....
Yeah Sorry but what you are proposing is a totalitarian system where the central government mandates everything. The funding would never be "equal" because you would not have unlimited resources so those areas that lean one way or the other would be starved for funds and swing areas would get more resources. So school in Utah where it is both very hot and very cold that needs AC upgraded would have to wait while a School in Ohio would get a new football stadium.
It can not work and is a terrible idea.

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