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Comment Re:What about Good Old Games (Score 1) 106

I seem to recall GOG doing similar tracking down of rights. They also try to get the promo stuff as well, with manuals and code wheels and such. They also do it for games that they haven't tracked down the rights for, too, in case one day they track down the rights and can sell it. A lot of people say that they just set up a DOSBox profile and are done with it, but I seem to recall they also go through with debuggers and see how to disable old forms of DRM that won't work (eg CD detection).

Comment Why is this worth noting? (Score 1) 104

I'm still rocking a Phenom II x6, and in Linux when I have the CPU governor set to 'conservative' or something similar, it'll drop to 800 Mhz like it's nothing, and shed 40 watts of power consumption. Stock clock for it is 2.4 Ghz, but it'll go up to 3.5 Ghz just fine if I don't put it into sleep mode. How, then, is this such a big deal? Just because it's mobile?

Comment For those who care (Score 1) 474

If you really wanted to make it stop, there's a single blob of Javascript that does the redirection. I wouldn't know how to do it, but it seems the variable(or array or object, I don't know what it is in JS) 'de.bild.cmsKonfig' contains the actual redirection URL. I imagine a userscript designed to set that to null would render their anti-adblocking useless.

Comment Some Phones are Already Unintentionally Patched (Score 1) 170

On my HTC One (M7), the emergency dialer is not the stock Android dialer, and when you try to highlight the text to copy it, it tells you that it's not an emergency number and therefore the call wasn't sent. Same with the unlock screen: you can't paste text into it. I imagine the only phones that could be susceptible to this are the ones who are very close to stock Android, and since they are close to stock Android, they won't be vulnerable due to the new way Android updates are handled (every part of the system sans kernel is an app that can be updated).

Comment Actually more useful than it sounds (Score 2) 177

I bought an Acer DA220HQL, a 21.5"(!) Android tablet.
It's actually more useful than it seems. We mounted it on the wall in a space we always pass by, and I set it up with Google Keep and Calendar, and synced the family calendars to it, as well as the shopping lists. I did have to use Raccoon to get the apps to install on it, and there are a couple reflow issues with they layouts, but you really can't notice. Now, could we look at a calendar or the shopping list on a phone? Yes, but you don't always have your phone, and having something always there is really useful.

Comment So that's how you want to play? (Score 1) 487

Set up your router so any unauthorized MACs are monitored via MITM. Strip away SSL, kill any SSH pipe or VPNs, log all traffic. Be sure to put up a warning in the middle saying what is happening and why. Something along the lines of "One of you rbuddies gave you my password. Therefore, I am going to record and save all data transmitted across this connection. If you do not consent to this, please opt-out by disconnecting." To be honest, someone's going to find a clever way to prevent this.

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