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Comment Again: Big Dumb Co (Score 4, Interesting) 147

After I win All The Lotteries, I will form Big Dumb Company, with the principal division being Big Dumb Appliances, such as clothes and dish washers that are so well built, they can be handed down at least two generations, stupidly fixable with decades-long part availability, and that are designed to accomplish one task: WASH THINGS.

Same with TVs - or should I say monitors - with the best display possible, replaceable power supplies, interface ports (sans wireless nor Ethernet) out the kazoo, AND DUMB AS A BAG OF HAMMERS. Tuner? game console? Roku? Fantastic: PLUG THEM IN. What will the TVs do? DISPLAY THINGS, PERIOD.

Now, onto phone / Internet service: BIG DUMB PIPE.

Comment Shakespeare the Lawyers (Score 1) 314

Regarding the legality of the move, "Yahoo is well within its rights to do so," said Ansel Halliburton an attorney at Kronenberger Rosenfeld who specializes in Internet law.

And when the first ad bots start spewing malware on Yahoo email users, no doubt this dickhead will be the first to say, "Yahoo is not responsible". Yeah; all they did was cash the checks.

Comment Re:What do you do (Score 1) 363

when Ireland drops theirs to to 10%? I guess we could do 5%. Then they'd do 2 and a half, then we'll do 1 and they'll do -5% (e.g. incentives) and we can top that with -10%....

See, this is what's called a "Race to the Bottom".

And this is exactly what goes on between US states already, offering sweetheart deals of no taxes sometimes for decades in pursuit of paying jobs (and under the table payment for services rendered). No one really focuses on it because it's still rather boring, but state level politicians are now no different than the stereotypical Mexican cop on the take.

Comment Police State Lapdog (Score 4, Insightful) 79

All in all, it's hard to understand what all the fuss is about for this, it seems pretty much in line with the goals of an FFRDC to do this type of research.

Yes, all they did was merely destroy the trustfulness of the CERT process to warn EVERYONE of vulnerabilities in software, instead of delightedly handing it over to the descendants of J Edgar Hoover and not bothering to tell the software maintainers anything. This is the main point; the million pieces of silver were just added insult.

Comment Bone Saw (Score 1) 275

If I say "I think you're controlled by miniature robots from Pluto that hang out in your cerebral cortex", that may be a hypothesis, but it is not a scientific hypothesis.

In Barton's case, it would be well worth the effort to crack open his skull and find out, though my bet is on hard vacuum and asbestos.

Comment Huh (Score 2) 48

It looks to me that the new algorithm offers no real speed advantage over gaussian process optimization. Rather, by making similar local approximations it gains some convergence proofs. Those are nice and all, but not often relevant to real-world applications.

Huh. You think they would have realized that more quickly.

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