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Comment Re:Let's Encrypt is only for encryption (Score 1) 123


Free certs technically are exactly the same as every other cert. What you probably mean is to choose a higher validation than DV. That's the only reason you should pay someone money. But that has nothing to do with which devices accept your cert. That is a matter of server config and how you configure your TLS algorithms.

Comment Re:flawed "research" (Score 1) 199

The point is, when that thing is still running, what prevents the Internet service you're using from switchting it into recording state remotely? Just because it doesn't transmit data "right now", doesn't mean it can't be made to, remotely.

However, that's exactly the reason why I wouldn't use anything "cloud" in the first place. Give me a cam that can upload to my server. I don't care if it's really off or not, if I can firewall it to only talk to my services.

As such, this "problem" is only a problem because it highlights the bad decision someone made in the first place, namely using "cloud-based" bullshit.

Comment Re:I love the attitude (Score 1) 55

Simple, the username is to be considered public knowledge. It's visible when entering it everywhere, it may be in ~/.ssh/config, it's not a secret.

Just assume the whole world knows it already. All strength must come from the password either way, so don't even start to treat the username as some sort of secret.

Comment Re:Just run your own (Score 1) 147

Whether there's someone sitting on your line and grabbing your traffic or tampering with it is completely irrelevant because that problem exists in any case. By running your own resolver, you don't publish your queries directly to a third party on top of that and that's a good thing.

Comment That's what you get... (Score 1) 65

That's what you get when offering VPN access must include proper client configs because users are clueless and want to be "secure" by hitting a button.

I guarantee you that I could take the credentials of each and every one of these VPN offers, put them into my router and tunnel all my clients properly(!) without any leaks.

It's not the VPN that is flawed, it's the CLIENT SETUP. For people with a clue, that's a distinction.

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