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by TC (WC) (#45873179) Attached to: Ecuadorian Navy Rescues Bezos After Kidney Stone Attack

Neat, I'm also in Canada and when I had head trauma they observed me and because it looked at least somewhat risky I got a CT scan within a half hour of walking into the hospital. Then when I started showing additional symptoms and the CT was reviewed I got an MRI, also within a very short period of time. The bleed ended up stopping itself.

In the year after that I had another MRI because of some continuing symptoms, in that cases there wasn't an emergency so I had to wait a while, and that's fair enough. Yeah, it's possible something horrible had happened again, but it was unlikely.

While it's certainly possible that your exchange was some horrible problem with the medical system, it's more likely that this:

"That sounds like an emergency, can't we get bumped up the line?" "No, the system does not view this an emergency."

was the doctor telling you he didn't think it was critical enough to escalate. Yeah, there is a system in place, but if a doctor actually has a reason to push for something due to a possible emergency he can do it. If you've had a concussion and it's been a little while and you're not symptomatic it's pretty darn likely that you don't have a bleed. It's not standard practice to perform imaging unless there are certain indicators:

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