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Comment Re:Must be public pressure in Europe. (Score 1) 210

It's really hard to extradite from the EU anyway even for non-politically-connected crimes.

A big part of this is what is coincided punishment under the two jurisdictions. The EU has a very strong rule against the death penalty so when extraditing people that may face the it in the US it is very easy to argue that extradition could lead to cruel and unusual punishment under the EU rules.

The other issue is human rights, if there is any chance someone extradited might end up in Guantanamo Bay it once again makes a very easy case for the defendant.

Comment Re:How about the rest of the world? (Score 0) 184

He said it was revenge for Waco and Ruby Ridge. Stop editing things.

Right. He didn't like the political leanings and policies of the people who were involved in the deaths in those places. His revenge was against what he perceived as oppressors, not religious antagonists.

edit edit edit edit.

Comment Re:How about the rest of the world? (Score -1) 184

It is amazon how soon we forget.

I can think of two major acts of genocide ordered by self professed "God Fearing Christians" in the past 100 years. At least one bombing comes to mind as well as a few mass shootings.

All told, the deaths are in the millions and Muslims have a fair way to go to catch up (and yes, I am talking only the resent past).

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