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by Stonent1 (#29720443) Attached to: Revisiting the Original Reviews of Windows Vista

Then there was the Intel GMA91x / VIsta Capable fiasco where a large percentage of laptops and computers that were fairly recent did not have the hardware capability to run Aero Glass. Despite the somewhat steep hardware requiremnts that Aero Glass had, I find it funny that there are even more cool effects than Aero Glass has under Linux with Compiz Fusion despite being based on an old OpenGL implementation. In fact, I've shown people how "this laptop can't run Aero Glass but it can do this" and then I rotate the screen or set a terminal window on fire.

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by pz (#29720241) Attached to: The Sidekick Failure and Cloud Culpability

There's no magic. All we're seeing is stupid people getting burned because they didn't use basic due diligence.

Yes, and, no. The people getting burned here are customers, by the many thousands. You can't expect the end-user to know what the DRP / BCP is for a subcontractor of the provider of their wireless communicator data plan. I wouldn't call the end-users stupid, and they are the ones most significantly affected in this case.

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Well, I think where I differ is that I don't think duplicating providers offers an increased level of security. It's really just giving you twice as many cheap providers who aren't watching out for the sort of problem that can propagate everywhere.

With the money you spend on those extra providers, you should be shoring up your investment in your primary provider (including some more redundancy) and hiring more people to make sure that you've covered every contingency.

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This has nothing to do with "depth of Microsoft's problems". Your school probably pays for MSDNAA as a benefit to students ( This program has been around for a long time. I used it to get windows 98/2000/xp from my university back in the day.

+ - Scholastic invokes DMCA for reporting Potter leak

Submitted by ISurfTooMuch
ISurfTooMuch (1010305) writes "Looks like DMCA abuse has just been taken to a new extreme. TechCrunch is reporting that it has received a takedown notice for simply reporting that the latest Harry Potter book is available on Bittorrent. The post also says that USA Today is reporting that Scholastic is contacting any sites that have written stories on the leaked copy, demanding that the information be taken down. Note that these sites aren't hosting copies of the book; they're being sent notices simply for reporting that it is available. What's next, sites receiving takedown notices for discussing the fact that piracy is occurring on the Internet?"

+ - Six minutes of terror: landing humans on Mars

Submitted by OriginalArlen
OriginalArlen (726444) writes "Universe Today has a fascinating article discussing the difficulty of executing EDL (entry, descent, landing) on Mars for vehicles bigger than MER, Viking and Pathfinder, and for manned craft in particular. Airbags can't be used for obvious reasons, but the atmosphere is too thin to be used for parachutes or aerobraking by large heavy vehicles, and the stronger gravity (compared to the moon) makes an Apollo-style powered descent impossible. The best current idea is a huge inflatable torus called a hypercone."

+ - Box to make biofuel from car fumes->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes ""They have developed a box which they say can be fixed underneath a car in place of the exhaust to trap the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming — including carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide — and emit mostly water vapor. The captured gases can be processed to create a biofuel using genetically modified algae. .... More than 130 tests carried out over two years at several testing centers have, the three say, yielded a capture rate between 85 and 95 percent. They showed the box to David Hansen, a Labor MP for Delyn, North Wales, who is now helping them." Text quoted from the article, located at:"
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