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Comment: Re:And so, it begins (Score 4, Informative) 383

by StrongGlad (#45693551) Attached to: NSA Has No Clue As To Scope of Snowden's Data Trove
I don't mean to suggest that any of the conspiracy theories are accurate, but the BBC did, in fact, report WTC 7's collapse before it happened. They've basically admitted as much:

See also:

The BBC erroneously reported the collapse at 4:53 p.m., as acknowledged in the above-linked article. The actual collapse occurred at 5:20 p.m., as confirmed by FEMA:

At the time of the BBC's report, however, WTC 7 had been on fire for some time, and was already in danger of imminent collapse, so I don't find it too hard to believe that they simply made an honest mistake in the midst of all the confusion.

Comment: Re:I just want to point out... (Score 1) 498

by StrongGlad (#42869111) Attached to: Spy Drones Used To Hunt Down Christopher Dorner

In the Al Alwaki case the missile was targeted at Al Alwaki killing him and his son was close enough to the blast to be killed as well.

Sorry, but that's simply false. In fact, Al Alwaki's son was killed in a separate drone strike two weeks later:

+ - Cheap GPUs Rendering Strong Passwords Useless-> 1

Submitted by StrongGlad
StrongGlad (687909) writes "Think that your eight-character password consisting of lowercase characters, uppercase characters and a sprinkling of numbers is strong enough to protect you from a brute force attack? Think again! The modern GPU can be leveraged as a powerful tool against passwords once considered safe from bruteforce attack.

Take a cheap GPU (like the Radeon HD 5770) and the free GPU-powered password busting tool called 'ighashgpu' and you have yourself a lean, mean password busting machine. How lean and mean? Working against NTLM login passwords, a password of "fjR8n" can be broken on the CPU in 24 seconds, at a rate of 9.8 million password guesses per second. On the GPU, it takes less than a second at a rate of 3.3 billion passwords per second. Increase the password to 6 characters (pYDbL6), and the CPU takes 1 hour 30 minutes versus only four seconds on the GPU. Go further to 7 characters (fh0GH5h), and the CPU would grind along for 4 days, versus a frankly worrying 17 minutes 30 seconds for the GPU."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:To lazy to count... (Score 1) 430

by StrongGlad (#30968432) Attached to: My keyboard has X-many keys; X=
Just hold down "fn" and then the "delete" key will behave like a true delete key, as opposed to a backspace key. I don't dual boot my MacBook, but I believe this works under any OS you may be running.

As for the right-click issue: Under OS X, you can select the "tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click" option in the "Trackpad" pane of System Preferences. I'm not sure what your secondary OS is; if it's Windows, there may be a similar two-finger option in the Bootcamp trackpad driver.

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