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Comment Re:VX Nano (Score 3, Interesting) 519

It has a middle button. It's behind the scroll wheel. Clicking the scroll wheel changes the gear behavior so they couldn't make that the middle button like normal. But there is a functioning middle button on this mouse.

You just have to tell the logitech software to use it as such is all.

The mouse is awesome.

Comment Re:VX Nano (Score 1) 519

I've got a VX Nano for work and a v550 for home. I prefer the nano because of the back/forward buttons...other than that, these mice are practically identical (which is to say AWESOME).

I'll never buy another mouse without a MicroGear scroll wheel again.

Comment Re:Multitasking (Score 1) 606

They will probably be adding background notifications so that IM apps and the like can send notifications to your phone while they're closed. This is probably ideal for that type of operation anyways.

There are definitely other things that should be able to run in the background though (Pandora for one).

Also, you can already change the current song (if you're playing it through the iPod) without closing an app.

In your settings, assign double Home to Music Controls. Then while in another app, double tap home and you'll get a pop-up with prev, play/pause, and next.

Lastly, if your phone is jailbroken, you should check out iRealQuickSMS for replying to text messages while you're using another app. Really great utility. It is ~$5, but definitely worth it to me and I don't even text very often.

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