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Submission + - Provision Killing Net Neutrality Threatens Must-Pass Spending Bill (

hondo77 writes: The Huffington Post reports: "Republicans have tucked an anti-net neutrality rider into a government spending bill that would block the Federal Communications Commission from enforcing its open Internet rules.
The provision is just one of many riders in the financial services appropriations bill currently being hashed out by House and Senate negotiators. But as dozens of these unrelated policy measures are dropped, this one is sticking around — a fact that is especially troubling to net neutrality advocates, who worry it may make its way into a final must-pass spending bill, known as an omnibus."

Submission + - Copyright Troll's Property Seized to Pay Bankruptcy Debts (

ktetch-pirate writes: Copyright troll firm Prenda may be gone, but one of it's principles — Paul Hansmeier — is starting to feel Karma's burn. In a bankruptcy hearing on the 3rd, Judge Sanberg ordered it converted to Chapter 7, requiring assets be seized and liquidated to pay the 2.5M+ in debts including judgements from courts around the country, as well as proceeds from the sale of Hansmeier's 1.2M condo in Minnesota. She justified it saying he had a practice of deceiving the courts with his extortionate schemes.

Submission + - FTC Appoints EFF Board Member Lorrie Cranor as Chief Technologist (

itwbennett writes: The US Federal Trade Commission has appointed Lorrie Faith Cranor as Chief Technologist. Cranor is the director of the Carnegie Mellon Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory and a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Board of Directors. She was previously a researcher at AT&T Labs Research and has also taught at the Stern School of Business at New York University. She will succeed Ashkan Soltani at the FTC.

Submission + - Google Proposes 'Needle-less' System For Drawing Blood (

An anonymous reader writes: Google has published a patent for a needle-free blood draw technology which could be incorporated into a wrist wearable or hand-held device. The patent filing explained that the system releases a pulse of gas into a barrel or ‘hollow cylinder’, containing a ‘micro-particle’ which can break through the skin and draw a small sample of blood. According to Google, once the drop of blood forms it is drawn up into the negative pressure barrel. This technique is a quicker and less invasive alternative to using needles, or other blood measures which administer pin pricks to the finger to release the blood. The patent, which is still pending, suggests that the mechanism could also provide a replacement for glucose testers used by diabetics.

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