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Comment Re:It's a catenary curve (Score 5, Informative) 208

From your own citation:

However, in a suspension bridge with a suspended roadway, the chains or cables support the weight of the bridge, and so do not hang freely. In most cases the roadway is flat, so when the weight of the cable is negligible compared with the weight being supported, the force exerted is uniform with respect to horizontal distance, and the result is a parabola...

Comment Re:Require a license (Score 1) 696

Following laws is really just a small part of cycling safety. It's the "street smarts" that you develop but which are not taught to you that keep you safe. Keep behind that car on your left as you approach an intersection so he can't give you a right hook. Stay on the left of your bike lane while there a cars parallel parked alongside. Don't go full gas when riding alongside a traffic jam because some bozo may decide to pull in front of you because she feels she deserves a short-cut today. Practice emergency stops so shifting your weight to the back becomes second-nature. Learn to safely look over your shoulder while riding. Things like that are what's really going to keep you safe. I wish places taught that to new riders.

Comment Re:Interesting, from someone other than Google. (Score 2) 278

Towards the bottom of the link you shared:

While OnHub doesn't track the websites you visit, your DNS provider can associate your web traffic with your public IP address. OnHub sets your default DNS provider to Google Public DNS. (This can be changed in the Advanced Networking settings of the Google On app.)

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