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Comment: Re:Look to Japan as a model for what not to do (Score 1) 710

by Stephen Chadfield (#47314455) Attached to: Workaholism In America Is Hurting the Economy

I think the low birth rate in Japan is due to the toxic effect of kombini lunches.

I work for a Japanese company but I am not pressured to work unnecessary overtime. If there was a serious drama happening I would stay late to fix it because I want the company to succeed. Otherwise I work the hours for which I am paid and feel pretty relaxed about that.

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Many people are becoming aware about the degree to which we have allowed our right to privacy to be eroded by adopting new technologies. Google Glass is an unnecessary toy which would facilitate a further erosion of our privacy. This has nothing to do with jealousy.

+ - Pro Apple censorship on The Guardian newspaper website.->

Submitted by Stephen Chadfield
Stephen Chadfield (7971) writes "It has long been acknowledged by much of its readership that The Guardian newspaper has a pro-Apple bias. The comments section of their latest review of the iPad Air is now swamped with moderated comments. Even the mildest reproaches to The Guardian's pro-Apple messages are now summarily deleted. Is this a watershed for the paper?"
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