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Comment Drink (Score 1) 570

I stopped drinking soda years ago. Very rarely touch juice either. I don't see what is healthy about juice. I only drink bottled water when I am out and about and in need of a drink. Occasionally spending 100 JPY on a bottle of icy water from a vending machine does not seem too excessive given the summers here in Japan.

Comment Sony Xperia Z3 (Score 1) 123

My Xperia Z3 came with KitKat and was upgraded to Lollipop. The speculation is that it will be upgraded to Marshmallow in due time. This is great and a little surprising as I had been hearing that Sony were keen on ditching Xperia like they did with Vaio.

These mobile devices are simply pocket computers. I would really prefer a proper, open source smartphone platform. With a choice of distros like have with my PC.

Comment Re:Intel everything (Score 2) 237

Back in the day I always used to go with AMD because it offered more bang-for-buck than Intel. After switching to using Intel chipsets - with their open source graphics drivers - I found using Linux with them so trouble free I never went back. My current machine is a 3 year old Sony VAIO laptop with an Intel HM65 Express chipset. Runs better on Debian 8 than it does using Windows 10...

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