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Comment Re:Slashdot and the self-righteousness of open sou (Score 1) 269 269

I have been around here a long time too. Never seen an Apple product that seemed good enough to justify the high price. When I was given Apple kit at work for a development project I found the restrictions they imposed on what I could do with it - in order to preserve their control and profits - frustrating and damaged my productivity.

I found the skeuomorphic interface annoying and inferior to what I was used too with GNOME on Linux.

I don't hate Apple products - I just don't think they are any good.

Comment Re:Not owning a car is un-American (Score 1) 454 454

I love socialism. Here in "socialist" Japan a great many people happily rely on (really great) public transport every day. I love it.

Even better is that my company pays for my monthly commuter pass. (That is standard practice here).

Oh, and left-wing bicycles are widely used here for shorter journeys.

What a utopia it would be if every human on the planet owned their car and there was not enough space to park them never mind drive them anywhere...

Comment Happy Gnome 3 User (Score 1) 267 267

I am happy with Gnome 3 (via CentOS 7) on my home laptop and work desktop machine. It looks great and I was able to configure it to my taste. CentOS 7 also comes with systemd. Never had to give it a second thought. For my needs this is a great desktop OS for home use and the development work I do in the office.

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