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Comment: Re:The Man Who Said No To Sony (Score 1) 255

by Stavr0 (#43184337) Attached to: Nvidia Walked Away From PS4 Hardware Negotiations

Another quote from that story...
I could go to my grave, and my tombstone could say, 'Here lies the dumbest CEO ever to live. He chose not to sell to Wal-Mart.'
I wasn't condoning nor condemning nVidia's move, just pointing out the similarities. ... or maybe a more accurate analogy would be 3dfx failing to get the SEGA Dreamcast chipset contract.

Comment: Re:If you're getting a refund... (Score 1) 526

by Stavr0 (#43182495) Attached to: For 2012's U.S. tax season ...

This. A million times this.

Nobody should ever pay income tax deductions above the absolute minimum permitted by law. Do I have to include a cheque when I turn in my income tax paperwork?

Of course, but meanwhile that cashflow sits in MY bank account, which has side benefits of raising my number of free transactions, makes it easier to keep a minimum balance, helps get a better interest rate on progressive savings accounts, provides an extra cushion againts overdrafts ....

Comment: Track 0 rattle (Score 1) 204

by Stavr0 (#41165193) Attached to: The History of the Floppy Disk

I remember both Apple ][ and Commodore floppies would seek past the end of the rail to recalibrate track 0. The apple made a noise on power up but 1541s made a scary noise whenever formatting a new disk or trying to recover a read error.

After a while the rattle actually threw the head out of alignment as the pulley was slipping on the axle. I connected the read head to the microphone input of a tape recorder to listen to the signal strength as I adjusted the stepper motor alignment.

After a while the screw threads were worn and I had to tap&die them. Then I got tired of realigning the heads and drilled in a cotter pin to stop the pulley from slipping.

Good times.

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