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Comment Re:So don't put it in backwards? (Score 1) 157

Yeah sorry guys, but I know a girl who tried to fill her car up with diesel and managed to try and drive off. You'd be amazed at how foolish some people are even with the specially designed nozzle heads. Not only does it happen, but sometimes not everything can be made idiot proof. The car analogy still stands.

Comment Genius solution to bloated social welfare agencies (Score 4, Informative) 755

A minimum income is an excellent way of eliminating valueless bureaucracies while ensuring that those that need the income get it. As much as the plight of the poor saddens me and they should be helped, the dead beat government worker pushing paper deserves no such assistance. Administrative overhead should be the first thing on the chopping block.

Comment The truth is in the comments (Score 1) 226

News outlets that heavily moderate or have removed their comment sections are those i stay away from. It's unfortunate when journalists do such a poor job writing a story that it takes readers to fill in the grand canyon sized gaps.

It's not hard to moderate a comment sections. It is hard to maintain a spin on a story when your commentators are calling your paid writer a troll, shrill, or just an idiot for being plain wrong.

Comment Re:It's not bad diets, it's inactivity. Grant mone (Score 3, Insightful) 663

A common, but simple error. Muscle weighs more than fat. If you strength train, your muscles will constantly be repairing themselves well after you've done strength training. This repairing burns far more calories than the initial 900-1400. It will be far more than that.

Phelps spent at a minimum of 5-6 hours in a pool a day. His routine (assuming what is listed is correct) highlights all of the stuff he does If you're spending 5-6 hours swimming then you need to consume 10,000+ calories. Looking at Phelps diet he's eating a lot of grains, an energy drink, and could most definitely eat those pizzas you're referring to.

He also incorporate compound lifts into his training. Compound lifts include the bench, pull ups, push ups (really just a bench), squats, and deadlifts. These work the most muscles in your body and give you the most bang for your buck.

Word of advice for you to help speed up your fat loss. Stop looking at your overall "weight" and saying I need to lose X. Weight is a cumulative number that fails to show the full picture. Instead, find out what your body fat percentage is. This number is what you really need to focus on and bring down. Muscle is infinitely more attractive than adipose tissue.

Next eat a diet high in protein. Pick either animal fats or carbohydrates. If you pick both you will get fat. One of the other. If you lack self control, consider trying the paleo diet. This will force you onto a high protein and fat diet while lowering your carb intake.

Good luck, personal fitness is a goal that every one should esteem to be the best at. People instinctively follow those who are in better shape.

Comment It's not bad diets, it's inactivity. Grant money? (Score 2) 663

A diet isn't inherently bad when you're expending that energy through physical exertion. A power lifter can drink a coke and not have any issue whereas a sedentary programmer whose maximum amount of exertion for the day was climbing into his car not so much.

Calories in / calories out. You want to eat trashy feel good diets, then exert that amount of energy in your day so it won't matter. Otherwise, get your diet in check.

A super secret weight loss tip: Strength training is a far more effective means of losing weight than cardio and way less miserable.

Comment Captain Obvious? (Score 1) 120

It's like these people have never been to an airshow or close to an airport. Of course the pressure from a sonic boom can disrupt a drone. Ok ok so they took it a step further and are using frequency resonance to crash the drone. This sounds more like poor design on the part of the drone manufacturer, similar to the square windows of the De Havilland Comet.

Next up, American researchers discover that heavy turbulence can disrupt drones paid for by a $350 billion dollar military science grant!

Comment They've Digg'd themselves (Score 1) 581

I love corporate drama like any other guy, but this is starting to get ridiculous.

The corporate body is clearly WAY out of touch with its userbase. By banning the, "not so nice" content for an IPO they've alienated not only the trolls but the live and let be crowd which is way larger than the troll base could be. Imagine Slashdot pulling some stunt like that, there would be a massive move to the exit.

I foresee Reddit becoming a former shell of itself much like Myspace and Digg. Shame because there's quite a bit of archived content on it worth reading.

Comment Does this concern anyone else? (Score 4, Insightful) 144

I remember buying Grand Theft Auto 5 the day of its release and jumping right in. I loved all of the features and the advancement of the game. The story was great, but it felt shorter than the previous games especially San Andreas.

I went online and saw some people mentioning all of the mini games. "Go buy in game stock! Go do Yoga/tennis/pimp out your car/go do multiplayer."

Multiplayer! Awesome, just what I needed. However, GTA 5 multiplayer has so many stupid rules. You're telling me if i steal someone's car and blow it up it'll cost me money to replace it? The last kicker was the cost of property. $1.5 million for houses. Your mission payouts are only $1000 a pop too.

What's the point in grinding for all of this pointless crap in a video game when i can do all of this outside in the real world and grind for real? VR offers more of the same. So you spend 500 hours playing mini games in some VR Los Santos. What do you really have to show for it?

TL;DR: young guy realized that real life is the ultimate video game and went outside.

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