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Comment Have big cities ever been anonymous? (Score 1) 97

I remember going to Toronto around 2002 and recalling how many video cameras were all over the place. I bet it wasn't any better in the 90s either.

What type of anonymity are we talking about? Personally in large cities I enjoy the sheer fact that other people do not know me. I can go to a bar and make a total fool of myself and no one will even care or remember. Sure there are a trillion video cameras around and if someone really wanted to they could follow my footsteps through my boring life.

Contrast that to small towns, where I may be "anonymous" but the corner store clerk knows my name and people all around recognize me even though it would be harder for an alphabet soup agency to track me. Try and make a fool of yourself at the local watering hole and you'll end up with a bad rep.

Comment Boo Hoo say unelected bureaucritters (Score 1) 211

This "Space Treaty" restricting mining is a complete joke and an attempt by the world's bureaucrats to hamstring civilization into a highly pointless "approval" process fraught with do nothing committees making the entire process needlessly expensive. The first country that figures out how to cheaply get a payload in and out of the atmosphere will become the next thousand year empire with all others bowing to its feet. Dare I say it a galactic empire beyond our wildest imaginations.

Whether it's Russia, China, USA, or Sealand is a moot point. The potential riches are unfathomable out in space once the small problem of propulsion is well figured out!

Comment What else is there left to do on smartphones? (Score 5, Interesting) 381

I miss the good 'ol days of 2004-5 when smartphone innovation was huge. Nowadays what's left to innovate? There isn't much room left for Apple to do anything nifty besides up the memory and processor speed. Smartphones are so boring these days. The last phone I was excited for was the Droid 4 and iPhone 4 and the marginal software updates for each applicable platform. What is a mobile hardware geek to do?

I'd love it if some phone manufacturer made a device that was truly secure and could detect when it was being connected to a StingRay device used by law enforcement. Now that's an exciting innovation!

Brb, checking out the Blackberry Priv.

Comment Fleeing potential criminal charges? (Score 2) 621

I'm curious if they're leaving the country to avoid a potential fraud charge. You don't insult a police department this haphazardly and get away with it. Nothing would make me happier than watching this piece of trash and his family get arrested as they try and leave the country.

Comment Romanticizing European public transportation (Score 1) 242

Jokes on them, after living in Europe for an extended amount of time I can safely say that the American leftard romanticization of European public transportation and mobile phone service is complete crap. Buses here suck just as much as you'd expect in any major American city and cell coverage is even worse (at least it is cheap)! There is no way in hell I'd take a bus into work every day and for the first time ever I miss Verizon.

Not to mention, owning a car and being able to take care of it without a mechanic makes ownership astoundingly cheap. You don't take your computer to Geeksquad learn to fix it yourself and reap the benefits.

If riding public transportation every day isn't an impetus for one to improve his life standing, nothing is. It sounds like there are lots of people willing to lower their standard of living. Good for them, makes roadways less congested for me.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 392

Have you worked at a DMV before or any state run IT agency? I have and quite frankly nothing will get done in the immediate short term. The amount of time it would take to "implement" your system would be astronomical especially between all 50 states DMV agencies. Finally, I grab beers with my VW service manager. Pretty sure I can snag a "certificate" from him for a case of beer. Womp womp.

Yes once again, let us legislate all our problems away! /sarcasm

Comment Who cares? (Score 1) 392

I'll take higher performance and fuel economy if it means a bit more nox is emitted. Definitely NOT taking my Jetta in for this bogus recall. In fact, it's high time I buy another diesel vehicle from VW before they start neutering their cars to satisfy the limp wrist brigade.

Comment Re:Smoking or not, that's the question. (Score 5, Insightful) 175

There is so much fail in this I don't even know where to start.

Marijuana has far more positive health effects than negative. In fact THC the chemical that gets you "high" is anti carcinogenic and has proven cancer fighting effects http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pu...

"Purity" of street level product. Oy vey what a statement. You realize your fruits and vegetables have pesticides and herbicides on them as well right? Not to mention all of the nutrient "uptake" from fertilizers is in that plant. You are what you eat, includes plants as well. As for "purity" of the THC content, you either have cheap herb or dank green. Even a plant you grow yourself will have varying quality of THC. In the same way that your vegetables grown in the back yard won't have 100% the same nutritional facts as something grown on a properly fertilized farm.

Finally, PCP laced marijuana? Are you kidding me? Why would any dealer bother lacing weed with PCP? You know PCP is insanely more expensive than marijuana right? Why would a dealer undercut his own prices lacing it with a drug as ridiculous as PCP? Stop quoting DARE literature from 1982.

Want to know a secret about life long tobacco smokers? They're most likely cannabis smokers as well (that anti-carcinogenic effect).

Comment Why stop there? (Score 0) 684

No sh!t such an endeavor is hard. That's why we have engineers, scientists, and people willing to take risk to give humanity the steps needed to advance.

Why doesn't Ed Regis do us all a favor and stop writing. I think it's more accurate to call the NYT's office a veritable hell in its own right

Comment Windows update forcing me to 10 (Score 2) 867

I spent the last few days battling with Windows Update which was forcing me to Windows 10. I have no desire to install the updated OS. Courtesy of the folks at Sevenforums I found that uninstalling these updates KB3075851, KB2952664, KB3021917, KB3035583, KB3068708 and deleting the $Windows.~BT (and / or) $Windows.~WS was able to remove the forced update. Windows update refused to search for any other updates requiring me to run the Windows 10 updater.

Rant mode: fuck these forced updates, cryptic KB updates that don't really tell what they're doing, CHANGING KB numbers after I block the other bad updates, and any OS that hasn't been out for over a year. I am NOT your lab monkey.

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