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Comment Re:Let's just skip right to 1984 (Score 5, Insightful) 167

It's as they say: Never let a good tragedy go to waste. As soon as I heard about this incident, I knew they were going to try and use it. The first thing they were talking about was the "going dark" problem, before the bodies were even cold. These people will scale a mountain of corpses to make themselves heard. These are the politics of fear.

Comment Re:Scammers (Score 2) 286

So you think there is no way to inspect the facilities?

Do you get to inspect every square inch of a hotel? No. It all depends on the agreement made. You have no way of knowing how much is actually there, what quality it is and so on. You would have basically have had to be there as it was being built to know this, and even then, you would have to know what right looks like, at which point, why not just do it for yourself?

'm not going to agree with that. There are plenty of other commercial activities which developers build facilities for clients. I'm not sure why you think this is all that different.

Because if this one doesn't work for its intended purpose, you have no way of suing. How dense are you?

There is something of a gap between having a flashlight and fire extinguisher on hand versus having a pre-built and provisioned shelter.

Yes, one is sensible and works in known situations and the other is batshit insane and a waste of money.

A nuclear war isn't the end of the world. Enver Hoxha wasn't using a bunker to protect him from fallout.

It would basically signal the end of civilization as we know it. So again, there is no incentive to keep such promises, and as for Hoxha, the point is that the bunkers didn't actually do anything and couldn't be used in the manner "intended" for them. It is the same deal here, people pay money up front with no guarantee of entry. If that isn't a scam, I don't know what is.

Comment Re:Scammers (Score 2) 286

So might we summarize that you think there really isn't anything doable collectively in terms of emergency preparation?

I didn't say that, and emergency preparation is different from paying someone to do it for you and expecting them to keep the terms when the time comes. It's called self-responsibility. However, the idea of bunkers is stupid, just ask Enver Hoxha.

What objection have you raised that couldn't be raised in other contexts?

That they have no obligation to you of the "end of the world" really comes. That's pretty obvious, not to mention the fact that you have no idea how well-stocked the place will be once you get there. For all you know, it isn't particularly well-made.

Why pay for a fire department, they might not come and simply laugh as you die in a fire?

I don't pay for a personal fire department that will only come when the entire world is burning. This is not the same situation. Also, a fire department is for everyone.

Why pay for a police department, they might not come, or might even kill you. On and on.

You'd be right about that in a certain way. However, the police don't promise to only come after the world ends, and you aren't paying them directly.

I don't think it is so much a stupid idea as it isn't suitable for everyone. There seem to be a lot of people on Slashdot that prefer to do nothing, and complain bitterly while casting aspersions against those that do prepare.

Paying someone to promise you a shelter in the event of society collapsing isn't preparing. It's pissing money away. Preparing might involve having a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and so on.

I doubt you've lived through an emergency of the scope and duration contemplated for these shelters.

Nobody has, because they're meant for an event that isn't going to happen, and you have no guarantee of accessing it in the event it does, nor do you have a guarantee of it working as intended.

Comment Re:Scammers (Score 0) 286

I rather doubt there are more maintenance staff than in-coming people. Good grief. How many people do you think it takes to keep the lights on in a warehouse?

At a time? I don't know, but one would think this needs to be serviced every once in a while, and someone has to let you in. If they don't let you in, what are you going to do about it?

Let me guess - you never have and never will plan for any emergency? You'll just steal from the neighbor? (killing them if you think it's necessary?)

I think you're projecting. I've lived through emergencies, and I never had to steal or beg. But I certainly didn't pay someone else to give me shelter in case something happened. That would be stupid, which this is.

You can't think of any other way this would work out? Where did you pick up your values from? They seem to be somewhere between defective and foul.

No, I don't think it would work out if the world were actually ending, and it has nothing to do with my values, but those of others. I think you may have a defective brain if you're so eager to trust others to protect you. Do you work for a company that sells things like this to idiots or something? Because you seem to be very defensive of this really stupid idea.

Comment Re:Scammers (Score 1) 286

That's not really the issue, is it? If you had the choice of attempting a takeover and possibly dying in the attempt, or simply dying, which would you pick? Not to mention the fact that the amount of workers there is probably larger than the coming guests, who won't be all arriving at the same time.

Comment Re:We Are Fucked (we'll, depends.) (Score 1) 278

Oh for fuck's sake, haven't we been competing with third world workers for 2.5 decades now?

Yes, and losing. Our industry is falling apart and unemployment is through the roof.

Those among us that are nimble and are always learning new things, trying to stay ahead are still living well. And when push come to shove, one would always have a choice to work in a 2nd-world country as a professional and still live a relatively comfortable life.

So I guess, you have no problem with young workers being replaced with H1B, or you yourself eventually being replaced. After all, your degradation in standard of living is only slight, right? People like you always have no problem with outsourcing as long as it doesn't affect you, but you're giving the entire country away.

People like you act like if this 3rd-world competition is something new. And this makes me wonder what kind of work you do, or under what rock you have been living.

It's the tightening of thumb screws on the American worker. Not everyone can be an engineer, and not everyone can be an indispensable engineer. This is the nature of the game. No, third-world competition is not new, but it should end because it hasn't done any good.

Comment Re: In favor (Score 1) 278

I hope you sing the same song when it is you that is out of a job for the benefit of a foreigner. Who cares if Americans have to stoop as low as third worlders for a meager wage? As long as it's not you doing the stopping, it's just fine, isn't it? After all, now those who are not your countrymen can make $0.70 instead of $0.35 a day!

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 4, Insightful) 446

It is called NOT losing half your shit you own for getting caught playing in someone else's panties.

Worse, you still might lose your shit because your wife let someone else play in her panties, and then continue paying for them to fuck in your house. Seriously, marriage is a terrible deal. One of my older friends had to pay his wife half of his retirement from the Army because they were married for ten years. It's not like she was deployed or actually did anything.

Comment Re: THANK YOU For Being an Inspiration! (Score 1) 727

Oh, no! He created an iOS game with terrible graphics and gameplay! Now my years working as an engineer mean nothing compared to that! /sarcasm No, what Wu is known for is being a professional victim. He doesn't live from the income created by his work, no instead he plays the victim and tells people do donate to his patreon because people called him out on his bullshit and that hurt his fee fees.

"Old age and treachery will beat youth and skill every time." -- a coffee cup