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Comment Re:We Are Fucked (we'll, depends.) (Score 1) 249

Oh for fuck's sake, haven't we been competing with third world workers for 2.5 decades now?

Yes, and losing. Our industry is falling apart and unemployment is through the roof.

Those among us that are nimble and are always learning new things, trying to stay ahead are still living well. And when push come to shove, one would always have a choice to work in a 2nd-world country as a professional and still live a relatively comfortable life.

So I guess, you have no problem with young workers being replaced with H1B, or you yourself eventually being replaced. After all, your degradation in standard of living is only slight, right? People like you always have no problem with outsourcing as long as it doesn't affect you, but you're giving the entire country away.

People like you act like if this 3rd-world competition is something new. And this makes me wonder what kind of work you do, or under what rock you have been living.

It's the tightening of thumb screws on the American worker. Not everyone can be an engineer, and not everyone can be an indispensable engineer. This is the nature of the game. No, third-world competition is not new, but it should end because it hasn't done any good.

Comment Re: In favor (Score 1) 249

I hope you sing the same song when it is you that is out of a job for the benefit of a foreigner. Who cares if Americans have to stoop as low as third worlders for a meager wage? As long as it's not you doing the stopping, it's just fine, isn't it? After all, now those who are not your countrymen can make $0.70 instead of $0.35 a day!

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 4, Insightful) 446

It is called NOT losing half your shit you own for getting caught playing in someone else's panties.

Worse, you still might lose your shit because your wife let someone else play in her panties, and then continue paying for them to fuck in your house. Seriously, marriage is a terrible deal. One of my older friends had to pay his wife half of his retirement from the Army because they were married for ten years. It's not like she was deployed or actually did anything.

Comment Re: THANK YOU For Being an Inspiration! (Score 1) 727

Oh, no! He created an iOS game with terrible graphics and gameplay! Now my years working as an engineer mean nothing compared to that! /sarcasm No, what Wu is known for is being a professional victim. He doesn't live from the income created by his work, no instead he plays the victim and tells people do donate to his patreon because people called him out on his bullshit and that hurt his fee fees.

Comment Re:THANK YOU For Being an Inspiration! (Score -1, Troll) 727

Yeah, what an inspiration. A rich spoiled kid pisses away daddy's money on nothing, but he's an inspiration because he cut off his dick. Nice one, dipshit. Then again, you might actually be one of those retards that enjoyed his shit game, if so, congratulations on becoming retarded.

Comment Re:No National Center for Men & Tech...? (Score 1, Troll) 473

So you're saying boys are being discriminated against

Actually yes, this is exactly what this story is. Two siblings of opposite sexes now have unequal opportunities purely do to sex. Sorry little poor boys, your sister is more worthy than you. If you can show me anywhere where there is actual discrimination against girls, I'll concede the point, but I bet you that you can't find a single example.

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