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by Squiddie (#44080245) Attached to: Security Researcher Attacked While At Conference

Does this express a bias in favor of his point of view; his word against hers, that there was no attempted assault, burglary, or rape?

No, I just put that in no particular order. I still see no evidence of rape, or even assault, because we don't even know who started what.

There is some evidence of attempted wrongdoing; or battery, at least, due to the physical wounds

Yeah, but who did it is unclear. We have no idea who started the fight.

her missing stuff that was miraculously found to be in his possession.

There is no evidence that I see that there is any truth to this claim. Why weren't charges filed if this is true? What about her leaving things at his apartment? See, this is why the courts should be involved. An appeal to the internet does nothing and finds nothing. The justice system is the tool for the job, not the internet.

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by Squiddie (#44079957) Attached to: Security Researcher Attacked While At Conference
Even if it is true that something physical went down. That still does not mean he tried to rape her, or that he started it. Nobody knows what happened because currently it's just her word against his. There is no proper evidence to look at and no trial. For all we know, she assaulted him. She really should have gone to the proper authorities. Just because she's a woman, does not mean we should believe her. There are legal procedures for that.

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by Squiddie (#44025535) Attached to: Microsoft Reputation Manager's Guide To Xbox One
Companies can change. If they see the error of their ways and start pleasing the customer, they should be rewarded. We shouldn't hold grudges. It's not like Sony is murdering baby seals. If MS reverses their policies, I think games should forgive them. Of course, the PS4 is still more powerful and cheaper, so if I do get a console this time around, I might pick one up. That's assuming most of those games don't turn up on PC, which they might with the hole x86 CPU both of them have going on there.

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by Squiddie (#44016445) Attached to: Sexism Still a Problem At E3

It's not in good fun. What they're selling is an experience (you thought they were selling games! lulz), and sexual overatures make the experience seem more pleasant.

At the end of the day, the product is a game, not the girl, and if the advertisement makes people more likely to buy the game, then why not? I didn't see anyone but feminists complaining about the show.

"Pander to feminist sensibilities". Yeah... because it's the 21st century and we should all be in the kitchen barefoot making sandwiches, right??

That is neither here nor there. You can be outside of the kitchen, wearing shoes, and doing whatever the hell you want. Nobody is forcing you to watch booth babes or play games with pretty women in them. It's that whole freedom thing people are talking about. To remove something people like is pandering to feminist sensibilities. If you don't like it, you could always make your own show without booth babes. Maybe you can even push a couple of games out there. I'm sure women will flock to them, after all the evil men and the booth babes are what's keeping them out of the market.

The 48% of women behind the purchase of said games may be tired of "pandering to male chauvinism"... Which I guess judging by your commentary you think is okay and preferred?

If women are tired of this stuff, then why are they still buying the games (48%, that's something). Obviously they seem fine with it. Otherwise they'd do something different themselves. They have the freedom to do that. I don't care.

How about instead of "pandering" we simply make games that have realistic depictions of men and women, with realistic gender roles, based on the context and environment the game (story?) is taking place in?

Great, you go and do that. The rest of us will be here not giving a damn. It's not our job to care about what you think and do things the way you like it instead of the way we like it.

Now, which game do you think will be of higher quality, sell better, and provide a better experience to the majority of its potential player base -- Chauvinism 1.0, Feminism 1.0, or Just Fucking People 1.0 ?

I don't know. So far Fun is what sells. Have you heard of that Fun thing? I hear it's all the rage with gamers. It seems not to matter if you consider them chauvinist, feminist, or "people".

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