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Comment Re: Business is Booming (Score 1) 1134

And what if they sky was orange? It's a silly question, as criminals will always find a way to kill each other. In either case, if you are not a criminal, it likely will not affect you. How about tackling the gang problem? No, that would be difficult. It would take investment in communities, police work, and all sorts of hard things, and nobody wants that. No, let's put a band-aid on a hemorrhaging patient. At least that way, you can be content that gang members will be merely stabbing each other all while living in the same violent neighborhoods in squalid conditions.

Comment Re: Business is Booming (Score 4, Insightful) 1134

So you are hoping that people who try to defend themselves are shot simply because they don't fit your ideology. It's nice knowing what people like you think of the value of human life. Must be why you are so quick to stand on corpses before they are even cold to give your terrible message.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 3, Interesting) 529

And after Israel gets Google to censor it, that's the only thing you will have. Seriously, Israel thinks reality is "inciting violence." Maybe if their policy wasn't to needlessly murder people, nobody would be violent against them. What else is Israel doing? Oh, they demolish houses of those that commit crimes, but only if they are Arabs. If a Jew does terrorist acts or murders, his house is not demolished, because that would be wrong. Arabs aren't people to these racists.

Comment Re:Let's just skip right to 1984 (Score 5, Insightful) 167

It's as they say: Never let a good tragedy go to waste. As soon as I heard about this incident, I knew they were going to try and use it. The first thing they were talking about was the "going dark" problem, before the bodies were even cold. These people will scale a mountain of corpses to make themselves heard. These are the politics of fear.

Comment Re:Scammers (Score 2) 286

So you think there is no way to inspect the facilities?

Do you get to inspect every square inch of a hotel? No. It all depends on the agreement made. You have no way of knowing how much is actually there, what quality it is and so on. You would have basically have had to be there as it was being built to know this, and even then, you would have to know what right looks like, at which point, why not just do it for yourself?

'm not going to agree with that. There are plenty of other commercial activities which developers build facilities for clients. I'm not sure why you think this is all that different.

Because if this one doesn't work for its intended purpose, you have no way of suing. How dense are you?

There is something of a gap between having a flashlight and fire extinguisher on hand versus having a pre-built and provisioned shelter.

Yes, one is sensible and works in known situations and the other is batshit insane and a waste of money.

A nuclear war isn't the end of the world. Enver Hoxha wasn't using a bunker to protect him from fallout.

It would basically signal the end of civilization as we know it. So again, there is no incentive to keep such promises, and as for Hoxha, the point is that the bunkers didn't actually do anything and couldn't be used in the manner "intended" for them. It is the same deal here, people pay money up front with no guarantee of entry. If that isn't a scam, I don't know what is.

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