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Comment: Re:That clinches it. (Score 2) 393

by Squiddie (#49070911) Attached to: PC-BSD: Set For Serious Growth?
I don't get why people keep bringing that old meme up. The year of the Linux desktop was a good while ago. I'm using Linux, on a desktop, right now, and I can use it just fine. There is nothing that's really missing. I even have games running on it. What more do you want? It does everything 99% of what people need to do. I really don't understand why people keep bitching that only 1% of the market uses this kind of system. It's all about free choice. If you want more people to use Linux on the desktop, just tell them about it. Already people are more than open to using libre alternatives to proprietary software, the only thing missing is just migrating from one OS to another, just to run the same programs. Do I think it could be better? Yes. Is it good enough now? Definitely.

Comment: Re:Why don't they get it? (Score 1) 779

by Squiddie (#48964125) Attached to: WA Bill Takes Aim at Boys' Dominance In Computer Classes
Men would be right to say that they are a minority at the very least. And I challenge you to find an MRA that actually thinks the world is run by women. I've always heard them complain about family court, suicide, criminal sentencing, and laws that are skewed in the favor of women. I tend to agree with many of their points even if I am not one of them. On the other hand, feminists still look at things like the SCUM manifesto and think it's just brilliant. We have women like Hilary Clinton claiming that women are the primary victims of war. All the infantrymen out there must be cursing their privilege right about now. To me, it seems like the delusional thinking you accuse MRAs of exhibiting is instead being done by feminists. And before you accuse me of being a privileged white male, let me assure you that I am probably privileged and male, but white I am not.

Comment: Re:That's like ... (Score 1) 779

by Squiddie (#48963875) Attached to: WA Bill Takes Aim at Boys' Dominance In Computer Classes
Girls are only 50% of the gaming market if you count mobile games and facebook "games". No sizable amount of women out there are excited about video cards, bench marks, or even the latest console. They don't consume the software in the volume or number that boys do. As for girls being allowed in, they already are in most cases. Nobody is keeping them out. What these politicians are suggesting is that they provide more funding only of more girls are put in the programs. This is about encouraging female enrollment wile disincentivizing male enrollment, since women are worth money in classes, and boys are not. You think if there is only one vacancy left they are going to give it to the boy? Probably not.

Comment: Re:Think of the children! (Score 1) 413

Anonymous isn't some kind of coordinated collective. Anyone can take on the name, and yes, in the years after the project chanology, this is what likely happened. The kind of things "Anonymous" used to get into was usually just defacing websites or posting flashing signs on an epilepsy forum. They've always been inexperienced kids that don't actually know anything about programming or security. So in a way, it was always about getting attention.

Comment: Re:Its called capitalism folks (Score 2) 484

by Squiddie (#48816351) Attached to: IEEE: New H-1B Bill Will "Help Destroy" US Tech Workforce
Taking out limitations would mean the guest workers could stay, change jobs, and tell their employer to fuck off. This isn't the case, so how can this be at all competitive. If you want to bring foreign labor in, then let them stay permanently instead of kicking them back out and sending that job and others with them. I came here to work and got to stay, and I don't get paid less or ask for less than my native-born counterparts. This is the right solution, letting companies have that much say over the worker is not. You free market fanatics always put your dogma over what is actually good for this country. Maybe you forgot that the government was supposed to work for the citizens, not for nebulous ideals.

Comment: Re:Yes that is exactly what feminist women want. (Score 2) 716

by Squiddie (#48329339) Attached to: Bounties vs. Extreme Internet Harassment
Sorry, I don't pay much attention to names of murderers, kind of like feeding trolls. Most of the shit the kid spouted was about hating everyone. He hated other men for having girls and he hated girls for being with other men. As for the MRA and PUA shit, he was part of a site about PUA hate, and not once did he mention anything relating to MRAs, which aren't about picking up women anyways. I'm betting him killing people had more to do with mental illness, for which his parents tried to treat him, than with misogyny. Or are you going to go on like Sarkeesian and say that the latest string of shootings happened because of "toxic masculinity" as well?

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