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by Squiddie (#47113573) Attached to: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds
He's a crazy person. When did we decide that whatever the shooter says needs to make sense? The man was clearly insane. Do I worry about the ramblings of a man blaming reptilian Illuminati for his rampage? Do we worry about a "culture of anti-reptileism"? No. We don't do that because the people that believe that shit are obviously insane. Comparing him to nerds/geeks or even MRAs is insane. None of those groups have voiced the shit he was voicing. Yeah, some guys feel left out, and they blame it on their looks or the modern culture. It's whatever, they should be allowed to complain. Everyone has that right. It doesn't mean that we suddenly start silencing people for complaining about deficiencies in their lives. Should we silence libertarians every time an anti-government loon blows up a building? No. We don't do that, as the bombers and mass shooters are obviously insane. Furthermore, how is this guy in any way a geek or a nerd? To me he seemed entirely too preoccupied with women and not enough with beowulf clusters. That's a whole other level of tragedy.

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I agree. The whole competition thing is bullshit. I wanted to change providers, and I just now realized that there isn't a single competing carrier where I live. I'm stuck with what I have. How the fuck am I supposed to vote with my wallet this way? Not have internet?

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