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Comment Re:Survey bias (Score 0) 104

My thoughts exactly. They find a lot more hairline fractures now that they started using MRIs instead of XRays, because the fractures didn't show up on XRays. Kids can probably have thyroid cancers for years before it becomes apparent, UNLESS you're carefully scanning every kid looking for it. By the way, my sister had thyroid problems, which we attribute to... giving too any xrays to animals in her job as a veterinarian. So the other question is, does excessive testing itself create more cases of cancer?

Comment Re:There are so many better choices (Score 1) 185

Do what every other trade has done: start a union or trade guild, pass laws requiring certification testing, restrict entry into the trade in order to create an artificial scarcity so that you can command premium rents for the use of your labor. Every other trade has done this including teachers, doctors, lawyers, carpenters, truck drivers, etc., why not engineering? We're too ethical for our own good, apparently.

Comment Re:I'm with Jeff Atwood on this (Score 1) 185

LIke anything else, becoming good at programming requires a LOT of practice. Like spending 20 hours a week in the lab as a minimum (yes, I taught a community college Java class once). My take would be most high school students don't have the spare time to learn coding well. My daughter doesn't have enough time to do all her classwork and attend cheer practice as it is -- imagine a kid that is in student government, sports teams, has a significant other, helps their parents... how are they going to find time to code?

Comment Re:Outsourced (Score 2) 185

There are good and bad software developers from India, just like from anywhere else. Some of the most brilliant software people I know are of Indian descent, as well as some of the worst managers I've had. My biggest problem with farming work out to foreigners is that it is a lot easier for them to lie about their qualifications and claim skills that they don't actually have.

Comment Clueless (Score 0) 185

Somebody tell Rahm that quite soon most software will be written by software. Although having a basic understanding of logic and how computers work is useful for predicting their behavior and analyzing their failures, but teaching everybody how to write code isn't that useful. And besides, it drives down the profits I can make as a software engineer!

Comment Re:Simpler (Score 1) 154

I just had by Galaxy S5 fall out of my shirt pocket when I over to pick something up. $130 to repair the cracked screen. Kicking myself because i knew better than to put it in my shirt pocket to begin with. What is the best way to guarantee a phone doesn't get dropped? My daughter carries her iPhone 5s in her hand all the time and drops in almost daily. So far, she has succeeded in destroying a $90 Otter Box case, but not the phone itself.

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