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Comment Re:Problem: Humans are dumb (Score 1) 191

The problem is that there are many other websites now that you can only post to if you have a Facebook account, which requires you to create a burner Facebook account. The obvious solution is to stop making a Facebook account mandatory for use of other sites.

Comment Re:So don't use your real name ... (Score 1) 191

I'm sure they will put just as much effort into checking this as they do into checking that everybody creating an account is actually 13 or over so they don't have to follow COPPA laws.., in others words, no effort at all. Look, Facebook's business model is built around collecting data; data about you is their product. And that data is much more valuable if it can be connected to an actual person. This has nothing to do with security, it has everything to do with profits. Also, Facebook's user count is grossly inflated by people having multiple accounts anyway; they can't use the same real name for every account, can they?

Comment Obvious solution: use a real name (Score 1) 191

So, use a real name... just don't use YOUR OWN real name! Let some other poor sucker take flack for the manure you post on Facebook! Personally, I think we could use a subset of the internet which requires positive identification, but Facebook isn't it.

Comment How about just not using Facebook? (Score 1) 191

I would be perfectly happy to have never created a Facebook account. Unfortunately, there are now several websites that require a Facebook login to use, including Tinder (yes, I am that shallow). How about if we stop making Facebook the de facto user identification mechanism for the web, and require ALL sites to provide a user identification mechanism that allows anonymity? I'd also point out that Facebook doesn't follow it's own rules, it encourages those under 13 to lie about their age, then goes ahead and collects data on them, when any human being viewing their profile picture would conclude they are underage. They also only worry about names not being "real" when some other user flags them.

Comment Re:So let me get this straight... (Score 1) 488

Her fiduciary responsibility as CEO of a corporation was to maximize profits, thus maximizing returns to shareholders. CEOs have no fiduciary responsibility to act ethically, they only have a responsibility to not get caught, if getting caught would effect share price. The best thing Fiorini ever did for shareholders was to get fired -- HP share prices jumped 7% the day she left the company.

Comment Re:The Volkswagen scandal is a good thing (Score 4, Informative) 126

Not going to happen. Honda wouldn't even let me replace the battery in my hybrid. That's right, they refuse to sell you a new hybrid battery, you can only get one by having the Honda dealer install it! They didn't even listen to my argument that I had a degree in Electronics Engineering and had worked as an Electronics technician, so I probably understood the fact that batteries are dangerous.

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