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Comment Sure... (Score 1) 162

If every manufacture inserted back doors for the Feds, wouldn't criminals simply hire a few techs to implement one-time pads to use for encryption? In fact, shouldn't anybody that wants to keep data private long-term already be using a one-time pad?

Comment Re:Funny thing - error 53 is directly related to t (Score 1) 162

Is it really that complicated? My take was that if you can do an end-run around the fingerprint scanner by just plugging in a different fingerprint scanner, then by definition the fingerprint scanner isn't secure. Meaning that, if you want to replace the fingerprint scanner, you must be forced to first unlock the old fingerprint scanner. But then, what happens if the fingerprint scanner itself fails? You either brick the whole phone every time a scanner fails, or leave your data wide open to anyone who steals your phone.

Comment Re:Batteries just don't store enough energy... (Score 2, Interesting) 345

Musk seems to be assuming an order of magnitude improvement in battery technology for all his investments... maybe he knows something we don't? Lot's of people are claiming improvements right now, none seem to provide energy density exceeding gasoline. Probably hydrogen comes closest in energy per unit weight, but I'd think the storage difficult would negate that.

Comment Re:This time... (Score 2) 105

No, they're assuming the majority of consumers will be too lazy or too cheap to buy a device to defeat the latest attempt at copy protection. Kind of like the manufactures of this year's new version of Teflon pans assume people wont remember that the previous 20 versions of Teflon all flaked off withing a few years, due to the fundamental physical principle that if nothing sticks to it, then it doesn't stick to the pan! And yet they're still making money selling the "new and improved!" Teflon pans!

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