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Comment: Doesn' t the computer have a huge advantage? (Score 1) 75

The computer can count cards perfectly and brute force calculate the odds of each possible hand. The computer has no "tell"; but on the other hand, it probably can't read any human tells either. Over enough hands, the computer is always going to come out ahead, just by better calculation of probabilities. Artificial Intelligence isn't really required to give it an advantage, and other than being able to read the faces and tells of opponents, I'm not sure AI is even useful for poker. Of course, the software is probably also trying to use past bluffing history to predict when opponents are bluffing, giving this somewhat of the flavor of the Rock, Paper, Scissors programming competition (my quick and dirty algorithm sucked at that).

Comment: Proof of concept (Score 3, Funny) 12

by Locke2005 (#49558267) Attached to: The World of 3D Portraiture
You're missing the most obvious use of this technology: you use it to make a full scale model of just one portion of your anatomy, not your complete body. You then give that model to your girlfriend to use when you're not there. Of course, guys being guys, most will be tempted to make a 150% scale model instead...

Comment: Re:This happens about... (Score 5, Insightful) 131

by Locke2005 (#49474911) Attached to: How Mission Creep Killed a Gaming Studio
Agreed. I've been writing software for 32 years, and "We've completely changed your requirements, but that shouldn't affect your schedule or your budget any!" happens all the time. The point is, you have to push back. Tell them exactly what every change is going to cost (padded heavily). Unless they agree to add time and money to the project, then just deliver the originally agreed to project. Don't let people make unilateral changes in the contract after it is signed, unless you actually like working on money-losing projects!

Comment: Re:String theory is incorrect (Score 1) 3

by Locke2005 (#49451233) Attached to: Stars Formed Near Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole - How?
String theory probably is incorrect, the question is, is it _provably_ incorrect? Come up with a proof that the math is flawed, and you will have greatly advanced the state of the art of physics. Come out with an unsubstantiated rant like the above, and you've accomplished nothing.

Comment: Re:Negotiation (Score 1) 892

No, valuing gender above talent is by definition discrimination. The whole point is to be gender-blind in valuing talent. You don't do that by eliminating negotiation, you do that by figuring out WHY women don't to as well in negotiation, then restructuring the negotiation process to eliminate that disadvantage.

Comment: Wrong approach (Score 1) 892

How about if women just grow some balls and learn how to negotiate so we don't have to "protect" them -- that only perpetuates the stereotype of the helpless woman, which you'd think real feminists would be against. Women can be every bit as aggressive and vicious as men; I can't see any reason why they would have a "natural" disadvantage in negotiation. It not like having a deep bass voice makes you a better negotiator, is it? Personally, I'd do better negotiating via email, perhaps everyone should do that to eliminate any gender discrepancies.

Comment: Re:Sound is more important than Syntax and Grammar (Score 1) 626

Can't be done. Languages evolve over time, and regional dialects will inevitably creep in. Also, people frequently live in proximity to speakers of other languages, and tend to "borrow" words and pronunciation. Most languages are a pidgin of 2 or more languages; even if you created a "pure" language, it would evolve into pidgins over time. For example, I tend to use swear words from non-English languages to avoid offending the naive.

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