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Comment Re:hey, son, jam that IAB right up your ass. (Score 2) 539

It does. We'll also be disabling your remote whenever a commercial comes on so you may not mute, change channel, or turn off your TV and thereby bypass your freedom. Although, not implemented in this version of FreedomTV, version 2.1 will secure you to your couch and deploy Clockwork Orange style specula to ensure you consume our freedomvertisements.

Comment Trivial (Score 0) 100

This is a trivial task for a human, even more so for a computer. The bulk of the time is taken up simply moving the cube. The computer already knew the solution it was going to use before it even started moving the thing. What's the point of this anymore? The computer can come up with a solution in sub-1-second if you simply remove the physical cube and simulate it.

Comment Re:SJW (Score 1) 229

I have personally been the beneficiary of privilege that came from the vast majority of the US being owned and controlled by others of my demographic but, honestly, who gives a fuck if we start losing ground or dying off?

Feel free to volunteer yourself for the front lines then. I however don't want to sacrifice myself or my wallet in the name of making everyone equal. You're naive if you believe that neutering yourself makes the downtrodden despise you less.

Submission + - Software With The Most Vulnerabilities In 2015: Mac OS X, iOS, And Flash

An anonymous reader writes: Which software had the most publicly disclosed vulnerabilities this year? The winner is none other than Apple’s Mac OS X, with 384 vulnerabilities. The runner-up? Apple’s iOS, with 375 vulnerabilities. Rounding out the top five are Adobe’s Flash Player, with 314 vulnerabilities; Adobe’s AIR SDK, with 246 vulnerabilities; and Adobe AIR itself, also with 246 vulnerabilities. For comparison, last year the top five (in order) were: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Mac OS X, the Linux Kernel, Google’s Chrome, and Apple’s iOS.

Submission + - Obama's new regulations to make US work permits easy for foreign college grads (

_Sharp'r_ writes: Just in time for the holidays, President Obama's DHS is issuing new regulations to give work permits to about 120K "mini-H-1B" recent college graduates, allowing employers to pay less because of the added path to a green card. The focus of the new work permits are extensions for STEM college graduates who would otherwise be limited to H1-B numbers.

Submission + - The Rise and Decline of Wikipedia?

An anonymous reader writes: writes

Halfaker, Geiger, Morgan, and Riedl have a new paper on the topic of open collaboration systems about how Wikipedia's reaction to its popularity is causing its decline.

Open collaboration systems like Wikipedia need to maintain a pool of volunteer contributors in order to remain relevant. Wikipedia was created through a tremendous number of contributions by millions of contributors. However, recent research has shown that the number of active contributors in Wikipedia has been declining steadily for years, and suggests that a sharp decline in the retention of newcomers is the cause. This paper presents data that show that several changes the Wikipedia community made to manage quality and consistency in the face of a massive growth in participation have ironically crippled the very growth they were designed to manage. Specifically, the restrictiveness of the encyclopedia’s primary quality control mechanism and the algorithmic tools used to reject contributions are implicated as key causes of decreased newcomer retention. Further, the community’s formal mechanisms for norm articulation are shown to have calcified against changes – especially changes proposed by newer editors.

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