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Comment: Delusional (Score 4, Insightful) 243

by Snjit (#42410017) Attached to: John McAfee Tells World How He Fooled Cops and Escaped Belize

This has gone beyond news to just soap opera drama that belongs on a bad trash news site, not ./

I don't expect top notch, confirmed journalism from any internet news site but this one is pure fantasy on the part of McAfee. Stop feeding this delusional, drug addled news whore. He hasn't done anything for technology since selling his business. Stop letting these "news" stories through to the front page.


Comment: Car stereo buffs solved this long time ago (Score 4, Insightful) 212

by Snjit (#40491937) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Add New Tech To Old Van?

Check out your local high end car stereo shop. There are off the shelf products that will resolve all your issues; battery isolators, second alternator, inverters, regulators, etc. They'll be able to give you good advice on wiring paths and proper mounting of your equipment as well so its solid.


+ - Malls track shoppers' cell phones on Black Friday -> 2

Submitted by
antdude writes "CNNMoney report that "... your cell phone may be tracked this year. Starting on Black Friday and running through New Year's Day, two United States/U.S. malls ... will track guests' movements by monitoring the signals from their cell phones.

While the data that's collected is anonymous, it can follow shoppers' paths from store to store.

The goal is for stores to answer questions ...

While U.S. malls have long tracked how crowds move throughout their stores, this is the first time they've used cell phones.

But obtaining that information comes with privacy concerns..."

Seen on Blue's News."

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+ - Five reasons the U.S. tech lead is in danger-> 3

Submitted by dcblogs
dcblogs (1096431) writes "The U.S. has yet to put in place a plan for building exascale systems, as Europe, China, Japan race ahead. The Europeans are prepared to commit up to 3.5 billion Euros to their effort and believe the race is wide open. "The U.S., Europe, China and Japan all have the potential to realize the first exascale system," concluded the European Exascale Software Initiative, the group that's leading Europe's effort, in a report last month. But in the U.S.: "The bottom line is that the US appears stalled and the EU, China, and Japan are gearing up for the next generation,” said Jack Dongarra, a professor of computer science at University of Tennessee, and one of the organizers of the Top 500. In 2008, China had 15 systems on the Top 500 list; it now has 74."
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+ - Feds: Hackers not to blame for llinois Water Pump ->

Submitted by Subratik
Subratik (1747672) writes "Feds "said in a Tuesday statement that detailed analysis by DHS and the FBI found no evidence of a cyber intrusion or any malicious activity."

But hasn't a hacker already come forward with an 'official' Pastebin post?

It seems we will have to choose between whether we trust the government or trust the internet folk.

Anonymous Politics: the 21st Century Frontier"

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+ - Searching for balloons in a social network->

Submitted by djeps
djeps (2463954) writes "The Red Balloon Challenge, sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. Department of Defense, laid out a simple objective: Use social media to identify the GPS coordinates for all 10 balloons, suspended at fixed locations across the country. The first team to do so would win $40,000. The challenge, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Internet, highlighted social networking’s potential to solve widely distributed, time-sensitive problems."
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+ - 1 MW LENR plant supposedly to come online tommorow->

Submitted by
Jherico writes "Andrea Rossi (covered here a few times before) is scheduled to bring his 1MW plant online tomorrow. This will likely either be the point where 'unexpected technical difficulties' unmask this for the scam it is, or the presence of an actual 1MW plant with no chemical fuel source will silence a lot of skeptics. What would you do if it were real?"
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+ - Stars Found to Produce Complex Organic Compounds->

Submitted by InfiniteZero
InfiniteZero (587028) writes "Researchers at the University of Hong Kong observed stars at different evolutionary phases and found that they are able to produce complex organic compounds and eject them into space, filling the regions between stars. The compounds are so complex that their chemical structures resemble the makeup of coal and petroleum, the study's lead author Sun Kwok, of the University of Hong Kong, said."
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"Mach was the greatest intellectual fraud in the last ten years." "What about X?" "I said `intellectual'." ;login, 9/1990