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Comment: Re:sigh (Score 1) 627

by SnapShot (#46932797) Attached to: US Climate Report Says Global Warming Impact Already Severe

I don't know if that's totally true. I put a non-trivial portion of my salary into a 401k every month because I've been told, repeatedly, that to be old and poor is much less fun than being old and middle class. Why wouldn't I make the same decision to act now so that my elderly years are less impacted by climate change?

Comment: Re:Is this different from sport? (Score 1) 487

by SnapShot (#41745257) Attached to: Is Non-Prescription ADHD Medication Use Ever Ethical?

It's interesting that you bring up smoking. I, as an ex-smoker, have believed for a long time that adult ADHD drugs, for some people, fills the niche that smoking, before it became socially unacceptable, used to fill. I would love a minor, stimulating alternative to coffee so long as it didn't become the addiction that smoking used to be.

Comment: Re:Production values (Score 4, Funny) 332

by SnapShot (#38851593) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Money-Making Home-Based Tech Skills?

That's funny, I was just looking through an old magazine that someone must have left at the house and stumbled across this letter:

Dear Penthouse Letters,

I always thought these letters where fake until it happened to me. I was working my way through college delivering pizzas and I got this call to deliver two anchovy, green pepper and olive pizzas to this dive bar down on the bad side of town. I get there and there are four people at the bar; a pasty guy who looked like he lived in his mom's basement, two middle-age women who could have been his mom, and a short fellow in a "Jesus Saves... and takes Half Damage" T-shirt.

[this goes on for three more excruciating, NSFW paragraphs and ends with the following sentence]

And that's why I don't deliver pizza any more.

Comment: Re:This should be illegal (Score 1) 171

by SnapShot (#38332094) Attached to: Two SOPA Writers Become Entertainment Lobbyists

Sorry, the 1% of the non-voters who are making a principled stand are dwarfed by the 99% of the non-voters who: 1. forgot, 2. were too busy watching Desperate Housewives of Bumfuck Wherever or 3. can't read or write. You may think your lack of participation is registering as a vote of "no confidence" but to the politicians you're just another non-entity.

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