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Comment Re:Did you miss the part (Score 0) 13 13

where scientists blamed it on climate change and demanded a lot of money again? Because that happened. At this point they're like personal injury lawyers; any opportunity to stuff their pockets / I mean save Gaia.

Odd, I read the whole article, and there wasn't a single word about that. Why don't you take a handle blender, and repeatedly fuck yourself with it.

Comment Re:"China" and "Export Controls" (Score 3, Insightful) 54 54

Only because they got caught by external entities. And caused loss of face to "China".

Of course, if it were an American corporation doing this, there would only have been a minor (in terms of corporate profits) fine. No one would even go to prison, or even have to do community service, let alone be executed for causing the deaths of so many people due to knowingly tainted products.

Comment Oh, The Humanity!!! (Score 0, Flamebait) 29 29

THEY want us to believe that things like defective O-rings and damaged heat shields are the reasons for the Challeger and Columbia disasters! NOT TRUE!!! They space shuttles were SABOTAGED because some of the crew members had discovered the TRUTH that the Apollo moon landings were FAKED!!!

Reagan who, as we should all remember, was funding Al-Queda (should be Al-CIAda!), has a suicide bomber hidden in the orbiter mid-deck, secured in one of the sleeping stations, ready with a block of C4. George W "Twin Towers Assassin" Bush, eager to avoid eerie similarities, had one of the crew as the bomber. This time, he used someone who had been wrung through the CIA's MK-ULTRA program years before. When the appropriate signal was given, KAFLOOEE!

This exhibition is a mockery to those MURDERED by these brutal regimes!!!

Comment Re:better give China teh Gay, stat! (Score 1) 136 136

That's what really worries me. Without prospects for marriage, what are billions of horny Chinamen going to do to vent their frustration?

Um, marry someone who is not Chinese? It already happens in Vietnam and Thailand. Some even marry white American girls after moving to the US [pauses for the sound of conservative Americans' heads exploding].

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 272 272

All of the primary English speaking countries are going down the same over-regulated path; Canada, USA, UK, Australia, NZ. They may as well be the same country as far as I'm concerned. Stifling, oppressive, paranoid, reactionary. Its times like this I'm really sad that I'm a native English speaker. I guess its time to start learning Spanish or something.

So you can live in a non-oppressive country like Mexico, or most of the countries in central and south America?

We need to fight to maintain our freedoms and there's no doubt that things have been getting progressively worse. But get a little perspective.

There is this other country you may have heard of. I hear the speak quite a bit of Spanish there.

Comment Re:More Republican corporate welfare (Score 1) 248 248

Such as?

Getting the nut-job moon landing deniers to shut the fuck up sounds like a good start.

It will never work. You could take them on a guided tour of the moon, and show them the left-behind equipment at all the landing sites for all the Apollo missions, and they still won't believe you.

Comment Re:An Effort in Vain. (Score 1) 208 208

Moreover why broadcast omnidirectionally instead of a tight beam in the desired direction? We already do this it makes zero sense to do otherwise. So on top of the long lanundry list of other things that all must line up we must have that physical line of sight too - like finding that needle in a haystack black hole that points a jet directly at earth.

You do realise antennae are usually designed to have a main beam with minimised side lobes? Or, did you not take an antenna theory class, or even read a book on them, and are simply spouting off about something of which you know nothing?

Comment Re:100 million quest to waste 100 million (Score 1) 208 208

As best I can tell, and I've been studying it all my adult life, there is nothing in the Bible to preclude the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life. It is not mentioned as such, but absence of evidence is not evidence of absence and all that. The universe is a big place. I find it unlikely that we would find extraterrestrial life, even if it were reasonably common, for reasons already amply stated by others. However, it would in no way call any part of the Christian faith into question if we did.

Also, there is this tiny little fact that there are religions other than Christianity. For some, discovering alien life would actually validate some of their beliefs.

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