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Comment Re:Ben Carson was actually right bout something. (Score 3, Insightful) 589 Clearly there could be the rise of a charismatic egomaniac who preys on the fears and hatred of the conservatives, making groups out to be the scapegoats (Muslims, gays, immigrants... at least it's not Jews this time around). Everything Trump says about these groups are the same things that Goebbels and Hitler were saying about Jews. We are witnessing the rise of the radical fascists Europe had to deal with 80 years ago. How in the hell are people so damn fucking stupid not to learn from history?

Simple. Americans don't learn history anymore. Especially Republicans. They call history "revisionism" and, if you are well-versed in history, you are called an "elitist".

Comment Re:Ya but ... a 'quiet' region of space ? (Score 1) 88

In Space, no one can hear you tractor beam.

That's so right!

Its because of all those other galaxies. Andromeda, Cartwheel Galaxy, NGC 4676. They are ripping us off. They make a fortune with our air. If Trump becomes president, he will bring back the oxygen, he will bring back the nitrogen, and make this galaxy GREAT AGAIN.

He can also built a transparent wall around the earth to keep out those illegal aliens and protect our air supply. Of course, it will need to have a combination. I wonder if he'll use the same combination as the one he has on his luggage?

Comment Re:Ah yes (Score 1) 88

Years ago, I'd visit the physics department and one of the things they were playing with (they had the coolest toys) was a speaker made of some exotic material - I think it may have been ceramic so not that exotic. Anyhow, they were pumping very low frequencies into it and using it to balance a pingpong ball in mid air. I read the summary but, being no heretic, I didn't read the article. I suspect the same thing applies.

Oddly enough, I don't think they were studying sound or pingpong. I was probably a little drunk, or high. I seem to recall that they were actually doing something with fluid dynamics. No, no I am not a physicist and my memory is pretty fuzzy. This was way back in the early 1990s or late 1980s. I seem to recall that they were actually using a very high speed camera to look at it. I've no idea what the outcome was and I strongly suspect they were high too.

I think you were high when you posted this. Sober up before going on-line.

Comment Re:women in service (Score 5, Insightful) 469

law enforcement is down-sizing their handguns as well. the .40SW is being replaced by the 9MM.

Given that US police seem to hit ten innocent bystanders for every bad guy they shoot, I'd recommend they downsize to Nerf Guns.

Indeed. There is a lot written about the militarisation of the police. But, they've only been militarised with respect to the hardware, not with respect to actually knowing what they are doing.

Comment Re:Stupid article doesn't get the point (Score 2) 127

The Matrix was a great film. I'm glad they didn't have any sequels for it. It was one of a kind.

Yes, just like Highlander. There can be only one! I heard these horrible rumours that there was a Highlander 2, and even a third Highlander movie. I can only assume it is the rantings of the diseased imagination of someone locked away in a padded room, next to the guy who thinks he's Napoleon.

"Spock, did you see the looks on their faces?" "Yes, Captain, a sort of vacant contentment."