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Comment Re:Follow her around with a field strength meter (Score 1) 343

Let's see how she reacts when we turn up the power on this microwave here, just a second... there we go.. and see if her head pops. Get your cameras ready...

Ah well, whaddya gonna do? Soon we will discover that maybe we need an alternative to majority rule. We'll know for sure if any of the Scandinavian countries start to follow the same path.

Then, we simply prove that she's bat-shit insane, and eligible for disability anyway.

Comment Re:Fucking cowardly judiciary (Score 5, Informative) 127

" could not prove that his particular cellphone records had been swept up in NSA dragnets."

U.S. federal judges, you are fucking cowards with your bullshit deference to executive-branch "privilege". You let the administration use bullshit tactics to pervert justice, and you use that as an excuse to not protect citizens' fundamental, Constitutionally enumerated rights. You demand that citizens prove that which cannot be proven without committing a crime, but let the administration just bleat "executive privilege" or "state secrets" or "it's for the kids", and consider that doing your job.


They are not cowards. They are vile, complicit scumbags who want things to be this way.

Comment Re: Same agencies. (Score 1) 127

I do not even remotely understand and do not care to find out any facts about the current mechanisms of our changing climate. To think we can proactively alter the climate with our childlike understanding of climatic systems is testament to the arrogance (and greed?) of climate "scientists"

FTFY. Plus, it seems like your "solution" is to lay down and die. Great plan!

Comment Re:One very telling thing... (Score 1) 282

You do not believe that the USA is governed by the major corporate shareholders?

Well, that was ultimately my point. We are not supposed to be a "capitalist form of government." But apparently, those in charge already considered our government to be a plutocracy back in the 1950's. Not that this is any surprise, and of course it was a plutocracy long before the 1950's. It's just interesting to see it taken as such a given in a FBI report.

Comment One very telling thing... (Score 1) 282

One of the reports mentions "he noticed that some of Bradbury's stories have been definitely slated against the United States and its capitalistic form of government." Strange, I thought we had a constitutional republic. I didn't realize "capitalism" was a form of government. But, it does show what those in power, especially then (but especially now), think of how things are meant to be run.

Comment Re:Jeb Bush?! (Score 1) 494

Is anybody here really considering voting for him? Or any other republican or democrat? Seriously? We're doomed! Doooomed!

C'mon folks! Get it together here...We still have over a year to find something a bit more acceptable, *a blender, anything*...

This reminds me of what Fry and Laurie suggested to replace Margaret Thatcher.

Comment Re:A telling factor... (Score 1) 277

I was about to moderate this discussion, but saw your post and decided to reply instead. Could you cite some examples of this? I live in Atlanta and have some activist acquaintances who would be interested in such things.

Just stuff I remember from years ago. I (thankfully!) haven't lived in Atlanta in a couple of decades, but I would be surprised if it changed. There was an off-duty cop on a bike who pointed a gun at a friend and shouted "FREEZE!" even though it's not certain what he was doing that was illegal. Then, there was the time I went through a red light that hadn't changed in about 10 minutes at 5 am (I assume it was broken). A police officer in his own car chased me down while flashing his high-beams at me. I assumed it was some nut or drugee, since this was downtown. I was chased by this guy until a police car with flashing lights blocked my path. I called out to the officer that some nut, right behind me, was chasing me. I was then informed that the "nut" was a police officer. They did not even give me a ticket, though. But, this was after the officer said I "must have enemies" and that was why I was scared of some random car flashing lights at me, and that even in other states, I should have known that car had a police officer in it. Basically, a line of shit so they could stay out of trouble if I complained.

I could only imagine what would have happened if me or my friend were black. We would probably both be dead now.

Comment Re:You can't teach the unteachable. (Score 1) 277

Funny how all of the police officers that all of the Anonymous Cowards know are all mean bullies that won't listen to nobody nohow. Sounds like the Anonymous Cowards needs to get some better friends. All of the Police Officers I know or have interacted with have been courteous, kindly and understanding.

Where I live now, I would agree with you. Atlanta cops on the other hand (as well as a few other cities) are the scum of the earth.

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