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Comment Good excuse (Score 2) 144

It's a good excuse to drag the fire pit and the grill around to the front of the house and invite the neighbors to do the same. Then spend the night watching what fireworks people set off (illegally) in the neighborhood and what we can see of the municipal display over the intervening houses and trees. The fireworks viewing is accomplished while drinking various libations and eating grilled meats, etc. and sitting around a roaring fire.

Note: I haven't melted the fire pit yet but there's still time.


Comment Re:too many slashdotters (Score 1) 172

About 600 feet downhill from here in Parker (official elevation 5,900 ft.) but more like 700 ft. downhill from our house according to my GPS. I figure I spend enough time in the mountains (~10,000 ft. to ~11,000 ft.) that it balances out me visiting folks in flat land.


Comment Re:Start with an erroneous *world view* ... (Score 4, Insightful) 181

Fixed that or you.

People who come up with this crap usually live in urban areas and have never driven on anything but city streets and urban highways. I somehow don't see the autonomous car getting me up an old mining road in the Colorado Rockies that doesn't show up on any road map. I also don't see me trusting said car to pick it's way around, over and between the various obstacles like wash outs and large lose rocks that take some very careful driving to get over or around. Especially when there's a 1,000 foot drop on one side and a cliff face on the other. Routes like the Alpine Loop between Silverton and Lake City or the "road" to Argentine Pass to name just two places I've driven.


Comment Re:Why use a mouse at all? (Score 2) 100

Any platform requirements would have been useful in the original question. On Linux, USB gamepads can make xinput events. I only ever cared about it for the sake of disabling it, but the discussion in this Ubuntu bug may help get started on the right track. Basically you'll need xserver-xorg-input-joystick installed and may need to do some xinput set-props work (see starting around comment 24 there.)

Comment Re:Golden Oldie (Score 1) 249

Vector Research VR-2500 amplifier and Pioneer PL-300 turntable (Grado F1+ cartridge). Both are from about 1980. The output goes into my sound card and I use the rig for digitizing my vinyl with Audacity.

The only problem I've run into is that the vinyl has some much more dynamic range than a CD that I have trouble capturing the full range. 60s and 70s groups like The Who, The Moody Blues (old stuff), etc. really pushed the sound envelop.


Comment Re:Total disservice to taxpayers (Score 1) 293

Why does your president need such? Cameron popped over to the States the other week, he flew back in business on BA, not even in first (my wife would not be impressed if I sent her in business). He has his finger on 180 nuclear warheads, but seems to be able to do that from a civilian plane just as well.

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