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Comment: Re:One word: FUD (Score 1) 270

Some places may require hand pumping into trucks and tanks. Fortunately, we know how to do that.

Really. You're going to hand-pump fuel for hundreds of thousands of trucks, trains, and aircraft feeding hundreds of millions of people? That will effectively shut down transportation, at least at the pace it's needed to feed cities full of people who keep nothing beyond their next couple of meals' worth of food in stores, let alone in their own kitchens.

For some foods. not every food must be refrigerated.

Right. We only refrigerate meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy, bread, medicines, that sort of thing.

what lack? trucks and planes will continue to operate.

So you're saying that trucks and planes that have had ignition and control systems destroyed by an EMP can continue to operate? How does that work, exactly?

Evidence shows that in a disaster that only happens when the alternative is starving.

Which is what starts happening within short days of food shortages. Witness food/water drop-offs in New Orleans getting violently mobbed, with people throwing shots at helicopters.

IT's only fragile to maintain the high level of efficiency we know have.

And because the entire chain is rigged around JIT, the high level of efficiency is the only way it can work. It would take weeks or months to alter that, and that presumes that everything that goes into production behind the scenes can be ramped UP in the middle of a situation where logistics are compromised.

Most survivalist types are clueless in an actual emergency.

Only the ones you're cherry picking. Are "survivalist types" that bother to keep a couple weeks of food and water around more, or less clueless than their neighbors who do not?

That's an interesting narrative of events

Which is what - your lame way of wishing away the fact that it didn't happen? That thousands of people were wandering to places like the dome in NO without so much as a gallon of water for their kids? Is my "interesting narrative" interesting because it lines up with photos of lots full of school busses parked under water? What's your point?

transportation would be chaotic for a couple days, tops.

We're not talking about a passing snow storm, here. We're talking about weeks of no electricity and lots damaged infrastructure. Your couple of days estimate is ridiculous on the face of it.

Comment: Re:One word: FUD (Score 1) 270

And why would trucks stop coming into the city?

For lack of available fuel? For lack of refrigeration in the warehouses that used to store the food they deliver? For lack of whole chunks of the supply chain upstream from their knife's-edge just-in-time delivery infrastructure? Because roads would be blocked or at least hosed up for lack of traffic control? Because people would be truck-jacking anything that looked valuable?

The entire infrastructure that brings food to people right before they actually need it is incredibly fragile. The trucks, needing fuel, communications, functioning computer-controlled drive trains, and managed roadways, are just one part of it.

The biggest risk is that all these ignorant survivalist cause people to panic becasue of all the FUD that have been spreading.

The numbre of survivalist-type people is completely, utterly eclipsed by the number of people who have no clue about (or interest in) being sensible in an emergency. Look at New Orleans, where people living below sea level had days of warning, and couldn't be bothered to fill up a few jugs of drinking water or move their fleet of school buses into a useful place. And they're used to big storms down there! Now imagine lower Manhattan suddenly without any power or comms or viable transportation for weeks or more. Or the suburbs around DC. Yeah.

Comment: Re:US Revelations vs. Confronting Putin (Score 1) 168

And this drivel gets +5 insightful?

It was a live call-in show.

You're so cute, there.

The Soviet Union fell a long, long time ago you know.

Even more cute!

They other guy in the conversation was a KGB agent, has said publicly that he thinks the end of the Soviet Union was a huge tragedy, and is slowly but surely trying to build that empire back up again - and once again, using force.

That "phone in" show was completely scripted. You utterly embarrass yourself pretending otherwise. For you to go to that much trouble with the charade suggests that you're every bit the shill/puppet that Snowden was during that little bit of theater. You're not fooling anybody, so please stop trying.

Comment: Re:Why do people think Snowden would've done that? (Score 1, Insightful) 168

By 'we' you mean the people puppeting the astroturfers who are trying to discredit snowden to support the govt line on the issue in forums such as these?

No, by "we" he means all of us who think that. Thinking that doling out the huge amount of information he stole, and then wandering his way through one totalitarian country before setting up shop in another is a bad thing and indicative of his muddled world view ... that's not "the government line," that's being realistic. Snowden was and is being handled. His appearance on TV with Putin couldn't have looked more scripted, or more set up to allow Putin to answer in the dismissive, oily way that he did - all while sending the Useful Idiots that think Snowden is a clear-headed hero a nice little pat on the head.

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