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Comment Re:Double Irish (Score 1) 825

Roads: funded by the gas taxes they pay for their vehicles.
Medical facilities: not used by corporations, only by individuals.
Police: funded by the property taxes on their facilities.

I'll grant you the legal system, but that doesn't require a 19%, or even 1.9%, tax on corporate income to fund.

Comment Re:Not so sure about this... (Score 1) 252

They either cause higher electricity rates, if the utility is footing the bill, or they cause higher tax rates, if the government is footing 100% of the bill. Either way, I'm paying, and not getting anything for it.

And if you think the utilities are going to install these things and not use them as an excuse to raise rates, you're dreaming.

Comment Re:They're assholes. (Score 2) 336

These systems don't need network access to play a game bought on a disk.

The Xbox One at least used to need Internet access for first-time setup (it didn't include a final firmware image out-of-the-box) - don't know about PS4. But once that's done, you can play offline in single player or local multiplayer to your heart's content.

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