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Comment: Re:Wet Dream (Score 2) 99

by Chaos Incarnate (#47739049) Attached to: The Tech Fixes the PS3 Still Needs, Eight Years On

Backwards compatibility was taken away, in conjunction with a price drop because eliminating those chips significantly lowered the cost to build the machine. I'm more than happy to have saved $100 on my PS3 to lose that.

Cross-game chat (which is what's really being asked for; plenty of games have implemented their own in-game chat), while trivial from a technical perspective, has the issue of Sony not being able to increase the memory or CPU footprint of the OS while a game is running, lest they break one or more of the thousands of existing games. So if they added that, they'd have to find something to carve out. Theoretically I suppose they could build more RAM/a faster CPU into the newer machines, but only those would be able to support chat.

Comment: Re:need to drop the college for all idea and stop (Score 1) 295

So between someone with no experience but a degree, and someone with 5+ years experience (at the same company) and no degree, you'd still opt for the degree-bearer?

I would have thought the work experience would show that they can do #1 and #2, and probably #3 as well...

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