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by Just Some Guy (#47924043) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

I'm Just Some Guy. And yes, I'd be furious if I gave my kids a CD and they whined as petulantly as half the posts I've been reading here and on Twitter. It's OK not to like any particular band, but I lack an understanding of the amount of entitlement required to rant about someone receiving a free gift that they have every ability to ignore./p?

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by Just Some Guy (#47920195) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

Sorry, forcing a download of an entire album

Stop. Apple just adds the album to the list of music you have access to. Everything else you describe flows from your incorrect understanding of this key point.

this is you strapping them to a chair to listen to it à la "Clockwork Orange".

They absolutely do not in any way make you listen to it.

If everyone got an email saying "Click for a free download of the album!" there would be no complaints.

That's basically what they did. They gave everyone access to it, so you now have a link to download the music by clicking one of the songs and tapping "play.

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It's not about the album. It's about control. It's about changing the station in the car radio when someone else is driving.

No, it's about someone starting a U2 radio station that you don't have to tune into unless you want to, but now it's there if you want to hear it.

I swear to God, if my kids whined as much as the Internet has about me giving them a copy of an album I like, I'd ground their ungrateful asses until their iPods decayed into lead.

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by Nonesuch (#47914551) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

I used a vpn almost all the time and my line stayed up pretty much 100%.this year when I moved, I transferred CC to my new place and I continue to run a vpn. I now notice, for some reason, that after a few hours, I get a loss of ping to anything. if I stop my vpn, the default router is still unpingable. what 'fixes' it is to reboot the cable modem (and my access pfsense router, which then gets a new dhcp primary addr) and then things are good again for a few hours. not sure if this is related, but if I don't use a vpn, the line stays up for days and weeks at a time. when I use a vpn, I get a few hours at a time.

Check your hardware, including your pfsense and cablemodem.

I'm on Comcast, and I run three VPNs over my residential connection -- SSL outbound from an internal NAT client to my work network for about 8 hours a day, plus a nailed-up outbound IPSEC tunnel to my personal server in Chicago, and I also have a listener for inbound OpenVPN sessions. All this and I've been doing about 100GB/month in torrents, yet my connection is rock solid.

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by timeOday (#47913329) Attached to: Uber CEO: We'll Run Your Errands
The "ride-sharing" services believe that smart phones are the enabling technology that explain why Things are Different Now and taxi laws should no longer apply. I would guess the rationale for this is the same. Of course a lot of people already had cell phones way back in the dark ages of (2000 or thereabouts), but I'll grant relatively few people had GPS, especially linked to their phone, which would be very useful for automated dispatch optimization. Combining trips would be the key for making this viable.

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Because your immune system is likely to kill you when it kicks into hyperdrive to clear the pathogens from your system:

The presence of microbial pathogens in the bloodstream triggers systemic inflammation and can lead to sepsis, which often overcomes the most powerful antibiotic therapies and causes multiorgan systems failure, septic shock and death. Sepsis afflicts 18 million people worldwide every year, with a 30-50% mortality rate even in state-of-the-art hospital intensive care units, and its incidence is increasing because of the emergence of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms.

The use of magnets here is not magical, just a way to pull out the nanobeads. They are coated with a human-derived factor that does all the hard work of pathogen selectivity:

These capture agents are composed of magnetic nanobeads coated with a genetically engineered version of human MBL that binds to a wide variety of pathogens and is easily manufactured but lacks key functional domains that could complicate therapy.

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Via DSLreports:

I reached out to Comcast and was told by spokesman Charlie Douglas that the report is "wildly inaccurate."

"The anecdotal chat room evidence provided is not consistent with our agents’ messages and is not accurate," said Douglas. "Per our own internal review, we have found no evidence that these conversations took place, nor do we employ a Security Assurance team member named Kelly.

Douglas proceeded to state that "Comcast doesn’t monitor users’ browser software or web surfing and has no program addressing the Tor browser. Customers are free to use their Xfinity Internet service to visit any website or use it however they wish otherwise

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an apartment where she does share the building with up to 15 other families.

That doesn't preclude installing an antenna, it just reduces your options. Multi-floor apartment balconies and/or windows usually get pretty good TV reception. If previous occupants had DBS dishes mounted, you can stick an antenna on that J-channel. And landlords are usually reasonable. You can always ask for permission to install an antenna, explaining the non-destructive mounting option (chimney straps, non-penetrating root mount, etc.) you'd like to use, and promise it'll be less unsightly than what you'll do if they refuse.

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