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+ - AMD Phenom Processor Underwhelming->

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SizeWise writes: "The Barcelona core is the first major update to AMD's CPU line up since the introduction of the Athlon 64 back in 2003 and is intended to keep the company going for several more years. While the server-based Barcelona launch was met with lukewarm results, the desktop Phenom processor was just launched and seems to be even more underwhelming. Running at only 2.2 GHz and 2.3 GHz, much lower than the 2.8 GHz anticipated back in June, AMD's new flagship quad-core CPU has trouble keeping up with any Intel quad-core processors and even some dual-core parts. AMD will be cutting pricing to stay competitive but can an already financially unstable corporation keep this up?"
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+ - 13 gigapixels panorama view of harlem

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An anonymous reader writes: Artist Gerard Maynard and Alexandre Jenny have worked together to be able to stitch 2045 pictures into this 13 gigapixels panorama. It's the biggest digital panorama known for the moment.
The shooting was done from the roof of a building at 7th avenue and you have from there an overall view over harlem and New York. The website allows you to zoom into the picture to discover the city in a very unique way. Stitching such a number of picture required to use many advanced algorithms in picture analysis and correction. For example, even if the shooting was done in manual mode, lighting conditions have changed a lot over the 2 hours and 10 minutes of shooting.

+ - Collaborative Fiction?

Submitted by AJ_Levy
AJ_Levy writes: I recently came across The Fiction Wiki, which attempts to apply the Wikimedia model to write novels, scripts, and short stories. There has also been an ongoing discussion about whether the Wikimedia Foundation should itself launch a Wiki for fiction. The question is whether or not Slashdotters think collaboratively written fiction is a viable project or not?

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